Welcome to the 34th Uppsala International Short Film Festival!

The programme at Uppsala International Short Film Festival is comprised of several different sections. In turn, each section consists of several programmes of about 90 minutes of film. Each programme is screened two or three times. To take part in the festival, you have to be over 15 years old.

Advance ticket sales: 9-18 October, Uppsala City Library.

Ticket sales during the festival: 19-25 October, Grand, Trädgårdsgatan 5.

New for this year is that single ticktes are available online at from the 9th of October.

For the sake of allergy sufferers we ask all festival visitors to refrain from using strong perfume. For information about accessibility for disabled visitors, visit or call us on: +46 18 12 00 25. Information will also be available at our ticket counters.


  • Pekoe ekologiskt te - 20% rabatt