Country: Argentina


The land expels and the ocean drowns, departures repeat themselves in every generation. Selva dances within voices and memories in a game that prepares her for the inevitable separation.

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In a winter landscape where colours are gone, we find a place where with a inscription ”Land for everyone”. This poetic film opens up the questions; who owned the land? And who took it so violently?

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In the 1970s, during the most brutal Argentinian dictatorship, a young activist couple decides to escape to Europe because of fear, because of love, because of guilt.

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1982 is not a year, it is a number, the number of massacres in Colombia. Using a 1919 Hollywood film, 1982 presents facts and voices of the victims. A portrait of distant yet persistent people, an observation of gestures that survive despite the blind light cast upon them by time and indolence.

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When a girl with a phobia of water meets a professional swimmer, they enter into a strange healing process together, through which they discover that the only possible way to transcend fear is to be inside of it.

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