Country: Federal Republic of Germany


”‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Before we switch over to our live broadcast from the European Figure Skating Championship in Grenoble, allow me to make several remarks regarding women’s liberation. Women’s liberation refers to the establishment of equality between men and women within society. However, this state of social equality for women is dependent on the objective conditions…“

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“Antigone is a figure who taught me that there is always a moment in the life of every single individual where one has to decide completely on one’s own: this is as far as I’m willing to go, no further, and now I have to say “no”, even if it costs me my life. And with our German history of course that was always a question for me, where did this figure get the inner certainty, how did she know that, where did she get the courage, would I, Ula, have had that same courage too?”
– Director Ula Stöckl.

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A red flag is carried through the busy streets of Berlin by a team of relay runners. The procession takes the West to its final destination in Berlin-Schöneberg. Under the astonished eyes of passersby, the final runner raises the red flag on the balcony of the city hall building, the seat of the government of West Berlin.

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The film explores the connections between the army, science, and industry by looking at the example of Dow Chemical, which produced plastic wrap, but also napalm for the war in Vietnam. Using the diction of instructional films, Farocki explores the manufacture of weapons while asking: How easily can the structural elements of a vacuum cleaner be turned into a machine gun and vice versa?


Screened on 16 mm

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