Country: Poland


A hunter’s son falls asleep counting the jumping deer. One of them gets shot, one bleeds a little, another one limps away from the meadow. And the antlers grow and grow on the boy’s head, puncturing the pillow each night. The film is a horror fairytale about instincts.

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A man and a woman meet in a waiting room and immediately get closer to each other. They commence a game that gradually gets more and more ferocious. Their faces resemble masks while shapes slowly lose their meaning.

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An experienced pet breeder introduces a young girl to the world of pet shows. Despite the utter competition in this milieu, the women try to form a friendship.

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Haifa, Israel 2015. Old women prepare for an event. They are told how to walk, they wear numbers and try to succeed in the selection process. These women are Holocaust survivors. And the event is a beauty pageant.

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Stop-motion animation on the arranging of marriages in the 1950s and 1960s set in the Eastern Polish borderland. The script is based on the diary of Mikołaj Smyk, the filmmaker´s grandfather

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