Exhibition: Korakrit Arunanondcha

With history in a room filled with people with funny names 4
Uppsala Art Museum, 20 October – 28 November 2018

The performance character ”The Denim Painter” and his fictive universe was
invented by the Thai-born artist Korakrit Arunanondchai. In the format of a
monologue he is addressing ”Chantri,” a drone whose sweeping viewpoint may
offer a new gaze upon the world. “Who carries the memory of the world? And who
will recover it once we are no longer here?” The artist returns to these questions in
the fourth film in the series, in which ageing is addressed as a topic. Forgetfulness
and memory may carry its own reincarnation. Arunanondchai’s imagery swiftly
moves from the public mourning rituals of the deceased emperor in Bangkok to
demonstrations in response to the inauguration of the current US president, to
models of prehistoric humans, captured wales, or fictive creatures. In this era of
conflicts between civilisation and the planet, advanced technology and transhuman
conceptions, may offer an alternative? The artist asks the drone, “Do you
have any beliefs, Chantri?” or, “Will we manage to become one with you and
dematerialize into the flow of the great spirit?”

The exhibition is a collaboration with Uppsala Art Museum.


  • Ekologiskt te från Pekoe