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European Film Academy Short Film Weekend brings together directors of films nominated as European Short Film 2018. What does that mean and what is the path to the European Film Awards? Filmmakers from the 15 nominated films are joined in conversation with Jing Haase (Swedish Film Institute) about awards, the road to the ceremony, and, of course, their films.

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How can a film that follows an expedition to the top of Mt. Everest cost less than the one shot in your own backyard? In this seminar, creative producer Ruth Reid compares high-budget and low-budget productions in order to show how you can turn the money at hand into quality onscreen. Reid, an award-winning producer based in Sweden and the UK, navigates the thorny terrain of international co-productions and discusses where your money will make the most impact. After the seminar, the participants of Uppsala Talent Days will have the opportunity to meet with the EFA short film nominees to talk about their mutual experiences in making short films and the road towards an EFA nomination.

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The participants of Uppsala Talent Days get together with the EFA short film nominees to talk about their mutual experiences in making short films and the road towards an EFA nomination.

(Participants of Uppsala Talent Days and EFA participants only.)

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Come and have breakfast with the filmmakers visiting the festival! We will serve breakfast and hold a Q&A session with the directors competing in the International Competition who are attending the festival. Moderator: Ari Gunnar Þorsteinsson.

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Five specially selected short films made by the Uppsala Talent Days participants are screened and discussed by an international panel consisting of Sarah Dombrink (Acquisitions Manager, Short Film Sales and Distribution, Interfilm Berlin), Sam Morrill (Director of Curation, Vimeo), and Marija Milovanovic (Head of International Competition Fiction & Documentary, Vienna Shorts). This is an opportunity for the talents to get feedback and constructive criticism from international industry representatives. Moderator: Rafael Franco (Film Stockholm/Filmbasen).

Med kroppen som slagfält (This Body) – Gilda Naumanen
Strangers – Angelica Ruffier-Holmqvist
Ställ in (Cancel) – Sebastian Johansson Micci
Lost in Kyiv (WIP) – Yana Martsynkevych
Andrei’s Maria – Camilla Topuntoli

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John Sundholm and Sarah Neely discuss Gunvor Nelson in relation to Scottish filmpoet Margaret Tait. During the seminar they compare Nelson’s and Tait’s films in terms of their relationship to the avant-garde and feminist filmmaking practices, as well as take up their shared themes of intimacy and the everyday. Gunvor Nelson and Margaret Tait each have a focus at the festival where a selection of their films are screened. Participants: John Sundholm (Stockholm University) and Sarah Neely (University of Stirling).

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Intro: Bend it Like Bergman

The Uppsala Award in Memory of Ingmar Bergman has been awarded by The Cultural Affairs Board in Uppsala since 2010. It has been given to young and promising filmmakers who push who pushes the boundaries of film art. Watch them push and bend it like Bergman.

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Intro: Shalimar Preuss

This past year, Shalimar Preuss’ latest short film, Étrange dit l’ange (Strange Says the Angel) has garnered attention throughout the short film world. Just this spring it brought home the main award from two of the foremost short film festivals in Europe. Rightly so, too, because it is a remarkable work, full of ”elegant and profound storytelling, edged with mysterious yet gentle danger, rooted in the rich layers of family life”, as one jury put it. This beautiful drama follows an isolated family who, despite the verdant surroundings of their rural home, seem to be living in an apocalyptic future. It shows the filmmaker
achieving something approaching magical naturalism – truly stunning and magically sublime, yet firmly rooted in the real world. This is not the first time Shalimar Preuss
has managed to combine uncommonly sensitive and uninhibited performances from mostly non-professional actors with hints of dreamlike realism that capture richly layered subjective realities. The nuanced portraits are often set against untamed nature, allowing her to explore concepts of mortality, tradition, nature, and loneliness in a subtly incisive manner. Most of her films, including her feature film, have this rare quality. In a way it makes sense that she has returned to short filmmaking after an excursion to features. Her films seem like they are coming from someone who has experienced feature work and returned to short film for the unique and limitless possibilities it
possesses, and Shalimar Preuss uses every single frame to full effect. Shalimar Preuss, currently living and working in Paris, has both French and Canadian citizenship. From 2004-2006 she studied Art and Film in the USA, as well as in France at Le Fresnoy – National Studio for Contemporary Arts. Her first feature, Ma Belle Gosse screened at IFFR in Rotterdam, Bafici, IndieLisboa, etc. and was awarded Best French Film at Belfort in 2012 before being released theatrically in France. Shalimar Preuss will be present at the screening to talk more about her filmmaking.

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Intro: Chile Now!

Now! is a series of programmes devoted to bringing together new films from regions that otherwise have a hard time reaching our screens. The programmes aim to deal with hot topics and current state of affairs, told from an insider’s point of view.
“The search for an alternate vision of pre-displayed reality brings together seven short films that try to find meaning within the outskirts of Chilean society. Urban landscapes, queer subcultures, and virtual violence are explored through the textures of imperfection. Fictionalised fragments of a possible future meet found footage of adolescent angst and animated digressions. In Chile Now!, we navigate through the different relationships that people have towards the images that they create and those that they cannot control.”
– Elisa Leiva, CinemaChile

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Intro: Funny Finland

Finnish short film has always had a strand of self-deprecating humour, but an Oscar nomination and win at the Sundance Film Festival in the early years of this decade gave the Finnish short comedy a well-deserved boost. This programme includes those transatlantic smash hits, as well as films that, frankly speaking, should probably stick to these shores. This eight-course – and sometimes very coarse – meal is jam-packed with more or less subtle – well mostly less – hilarious takedowns of sensitive issues of language, gender, politics, and national character. Political correctness is its first victim. It won’t be its last. You have been warned. Uppsala has a large Sweden Finn population (approx. 16,000), and the Sweden Finns are one of the five national minority groups in Sweden. The programme is produced with support from the municipality of Uppsala, Finnish administrative area. Subtitled in English for the Finnish-impaired.


Suomalaisissa lyhytelokuvissa on aina ollut häivähdys itsestään pilkkaa tekevää huumoria. Oscar-ehdokkuus ja voitto Sundancen filmifestivaaleilla vuosikymmenen alkupuolella nostattivat kuitenkin suomalaisten lyhytelokuvakomedian tekijöiden itsetuntoa ja antoivat hyvin ansaitun sysäyksen tehdä laadukkaita ja menestyksekkäitä lyhytfilmejä. Uppsalan lyhtyfilmifestivaalin ohjelma sisältää sekä Atlantin toisella puolella menestyneet hittifilmit että filmejä, joiden olisi kenties ollut parasta pysyä pohjoisilla metsämailla. Nyt näytettävä kahdeksan lyhytelokuvan paketti on täynnä mitä hulvattomampia ja hurjempia kuvauksia kielestä, sukupuolesta, politiikasta ja kansallisluonteen erikoispiirteistä. Poliittinen korrektius on festivaalifilmien ensimmäinen, mutta ei todellakaan viimeinen, uhri. Ei heikkohermoisille! Uppsalan väestöstä on n. 16 000 asukkaalla suomalaiset juuret. Ruotsinsuomalaiset ovat yksi Ruotsin viidestä kansallisesta vähemmistöstä. Ohjelmaa tuetaan Uppsalan kunnan suomen kielen hallintoaluevaroin. Tekstitetty englanniksi suomea taitamattomille.

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