Photo exhibition by 7

In cooperation with the Uppsala Fotofestival, we invite you to delve into horror stories by photographers Cristina Ramos (Spain) and Nivine F Keating (Scotland). They are quite different in their perspectives, yet both find inspiration in their imagination. Photographer Kim Johansson tells a frightening story with her scary selfie series. Pär Eriksson will take you back to a cosy and warm reality with his captivating music portraits in black and white. Uppsala photographer Anna Lundgren shows an emotional photo series, sharing music memories of her father, a skilled piano player. Longing for the US, for drive-ins, amazing views and buildings? Then check out photographer Malin Vretblad Plesse’s photos from her travels for a colourful treat. The Eskiltuna photographer Ulf Rehnholm’s music photos will give you a different and unique experience through your mobile phone.

25-29/10 COUSTEAU 

Arranged by Uppsala Fotofestival. Free of charge.