As part of the Uppsala International Short Film Festival, the Uppsala Short Film Pitch has selected seven projects to be presented to a jury. The winner receives SEK 25 000, in collaboration with Short Film Commissioner for the Swedish Film Institute, Andreas Fock.

PITCHARE: Jonatan Etzler, Sascha Fülscher, Lia Hietala och Hannah Reinikainen Bergenman, Jonas Dorsz Håkansson, Begonia Randhav, Mirza Škornja and Dawid Ullgren.

JURY: Eliza Jones (producer), Matti Kentrschynskyj (SVT) and Malin Erixon (director).

Arranged with support from the Short Film Commissioner of the Swedish Film Institute, Andreas Fock. The pitching session goes on 10-12, the winner will be announced at 14:30. Free of charge.