Press Images

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COLOUR TEST: THE RED FLAG, Gerd Conradt, screened in R*evolition I – Red Flags for Everyone.



My NAME IS OONA, Gunvon Nelson, screened in R*evolution – Gunvor Nelson.



HELSINKI MANSPLAINING MASSACRE, Ilja Rautsi, screened in Funny Finland.



I AM A BOMB, Elodie Pong, screened in R*evolution III – Sex & the Revolution.






FOX, Jacqueline Lentzou, screened in Bend it Like Bergman 1.



MARY MOTHER, Sadam Wahidi, screened in Afghanistan – The Future of a New Generation.



SNAP, Felipe Elgueta and Ananké Pereira, screened in Chile Now!



BERGMANS RELIQUARIUM, Tomas Alfredson and Jesper Waldersten, screened in exhibition Fanny och Alexander | Bergman Moods at Upplandsmuseet.



A Wall is a Screen, Uppsala 2016. Photo: Vikki Marinescu.




Poster 2018, design: Viktor Hertz


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