Productionyear: 1964


“The kind of precision which holds Where I Am Is Here together doesn’t depend on words: about half a dozen recurring themes – a stone thrown in the water, a car door shutting, traffic, buildings seen from passing buses, and so on – act upon each other, and are then accompanied by Hector MacAndrew’s music for my poem ‘Hilltop Pibroch.’” – M.T.

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“Antigone is a figure who taught me that there is always a moment in the life of every single individual where one has to decide completely on one’s own: this is as far as I’m willing to go, no further, and now I have to say “no”, even if it costs me my life. And with our German history of course that was always a question for me, where did this figure get the inner certainty, how did she know that, where did she get the courage, would I, Ula, have had that same courage too?”
– Director Ula Stöckl.

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