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Lili is in love, but can’t make love. She has no idea why. Leo is full of empathy, but Lili is frustrated,
desperate, and above all scared that their relationship can’t last like this. So begins her quest to
take charge of her body, her destiny.


Mock Angel depicts a critical view on our imagination in the process of creation through a story
of female twins. It expresses that contemporary ideas and values are not permanent, and the
creation may lead us to change our current conditions.


Some time ago, on a winter morning, a little girl went out looking for firewood. She went far away
from home and came across a blood trail… She followed it.


Create a portrait of a place, a studio, and project our imagination there. Use this common place
as the backdrop to make an animated film. A film where dreams are a shared experience. Dreams
are reality.


Up there, so close to the pole, Chulyen is bored. Half man, half crow, with his pitiless eyes he cuts the
world into pieces. But the wind rises, and the spirits of the forest are at his heels. This time, Chulyen
won’t get out of it unscathed. Unless…


The world is made of floors, connected by stairs, and made of rooms. Such is the vision of a child
and his siamese head, bricked up by their mother in the family manor since they were born. Until
one day, when, after seeing a strange light, they swear to find the end of the world.


Uncanny Valley is a story of the physical and psychological intensity of the battles of the first world
war. With the dramaturgy of interrupted images it reveals the numbing futility of war, the agony
of conflict and survival, the discovery of brotherhood, and madness of it all.


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