1. SlottsbiografenTuesday, 25 October 13:00

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  3. ReginaSaturday, 29 October 13:00


From the perspectives of a dozen different viewers, this documentary explores the peculiar ritual of watching film. How is this medium experienced by people with sensory impairments, strong religious beliefs, or lovesickness?


Diving deep into the often obscure global flow of materials – in this instance copper – The Powder of Sympathy sets in motion a frantic flow of images combined with feverish pounding, hissing, and rattling sounds sourced from West Africa, USA, and China.


Omnia is a young Egyptian woman, still struggling with a childhood incident that left her with no sense of her body, of what it means to be a woman, or of what it means to be loved. In this short documentary, she revisits the incident


A father asks his son to accomplish a strange family tradition: digging his own grave. The time father and son spend together in the cemetery fulfills a spiritual value and softens the sadness of death.


Guided by those who live on the land and driven by the pulse of the natural world, this film takes us on an exhilarating journey from the far north to the urban south. Over every landscape, in all conditions, everyday life flows with strength, skill, and extreme competence.


Elpiniki tries to fill her days with a meaningful activity. She is learning the accordion. In the street below, Maryana is dissatisfied. She calls up to Elpiniki until she comes to her window. They start an everyday conversation which takes on new dimensions as it is completely carried out in screams.


Her left eye sees only the past. Her right, only the future. Like a terrible curse, Vaysha’s split vision prevents her from living in the present. Blinded by what was and tormented by what will be, she remains trapped between two irreconcilable temporalities.


Fatma and her mother are Kurdish refugees in Italy. On their visit to the doctor, Fatma is supposed to translate what the doctor tells her mother but she keeps silent.