1. SlottsbiografenTuesday, 25 October 15:00

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An anatomical PowerPoint presentation about a bitter man and his ailments. From head to toe, the sore spots of his medical history get explained systematically in a dark yet humorous and liberating film about life and its conditions.


Man is an expansion of language and form – hand-processed super 8 mm film combined with watercolour-negative animation; bookended by a series of self-portraits deconstructing image and identity – a journey of physical tranformation through the wilderness of pregnancy.


The animated video Tilt describes the abrupt breakup of a deep relationship and the existential chaos that follows. It is a contemplation of human beings’ inability to comprehend their own transience.


Stockholm. Early June. First night of the summer. There is something magical in the air. Emma is 34, Joel, 16. They have never met before but tonight they will get to know each other and their innermost secrets.


A film about the darkness within, illustrated as a black bird. You just want to pull the blankets over your head and hide. Doctors ask if you’re looking for sick leave when all you want is to be well. But it’s also a film about being acknowledged and realising you’re not alone.


Every year, in Sweden, about 80 people commit suicide by lying on train tracks. Every single tragedy also takes place in the train cab. How do drivers handle the experience of having death ever present at every shift, and behind every curve?


Auditorium chairs come to life, in organized formations, and in chaos.


Annelie’s menstruation cup is stuck inside her and her friend Lovisa is helping her to get it out. Maybe a spoon will do the trick, or chopsticks? Should we try a carrot? Where did you put the lubricant? A short story about friendship and always helping you best gal out.