1. GrandSaturday, 29 October 21:00

  2. ReginaSunday, 30 October 17:00


Jamie, a quiet loner in his early twenties, is clumsily looking for his first real relationship. Shy and lacking self-confidence, he has only had disappointing experiences so far. But one Sunday, he meets Ben. As they spend the afternoon together, Jamie wonders if he has finally met “the One”.


When a girl with a phobia of water meets a professional swimmer, they enter into a strange healing process together, through which they discover that the only possible way to transcend fear is to be inside of it.


It is 1950. An American woman is visiting a Japanese fishing village with her military husband and some friends. Breaking away from the group, she meets Namiko, a young Ama fisherwoman.


Su is young, beautiful, and successful. Her life is everything she has always wished for. But when her old friend Quel calls her with good news, she decides it is time to go back home, to a past she has avoided for far too long.


Two young girls are out in the Norwegian wilderness exploring each other and their boundaries through a game with only one rule: to complete the challenge you were given. They are reminded that sometimes the hardest part is knowing when to say no.


Martin, 17, films his daily life with a Hi8 camera. He films everything and anything, his room, the world around him. But never his father. He does not think about it. One day he meets Dominique, a 23-year old prefect at his high school.


An unidentified man sitting in a dark room is watching an obscure film called Flowers and Bottoms, a surrealist story about longing and loss, a narrative of still lives with flowers and buttocks.