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As a 12-year-old girl prepares for her final test trying out for the traditionally all-boys Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting team, she makes an unlikely connection with the gym’s reclusive groundskeeper.


When gang leader Ole and his buddies Marco and Milan nicked Davie’s school bag, Ole would never in his wildest dreams have imagined that a short time later he would appear on stage with Davie at a school karaoke contest dressed as a princess with makeup on…


A story of a girl who spent her early childhood in nature but then had to grow up in a big city. Days in the garden are full of joy, play, creativity and love. The little girl learns how to love, feel, imagine, observe and do many things in that place.


Kate, a shy tween, enlists her best friend Marie to gather information on her crush Adam. Discovering that he likes strawberries, Kate crafts a love letter and includes what she thinks is a piece of strawberry candy. When she discovers the candy is actually a condom, the two best friends have to find him.


Summer 1997, in a small village of Scotland where nothing ever happens and the days all resemble each other, a strange cosmic event comes to disrupt Julianne’s boring everyday life.


A surreal story about three friends who exchange heads by accident and are forced to adapt to each others life. This leads to funny but also enriching situations. Will they be able to keep it secret? And will they ever get their own head back?