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Hard Way combines action and musical in a story of hard men with hard feelings. Jake loses his best friend Zach in a S.W.A.T. operation near Detroit. Eight months later Jake and his team are trying to get “The Mother “ -the terrorist responsible for Zach’s death.


Chloe thinks she’s just going in for a routine test. Things do not go as planned.


Hunger, mist, flight. A couple trapped in eternity. An endless journey to nature itself, driving Cadillacs and escaping the sun.


A carefree backpacker returns home on Christmas Eve to find nobody home. His confusion turns to terror when he find his family dead. He soon discovers that he is responsible and that his own death is now imminent along with the rest of humanity’s.


A girl wakes up after a night spent with a man. She gets into her car and drives off. On the road, there is a log blocking her way. The girl pulls the log onto the side of the road. She sees a lorry approaching from behind; so she drives off not to block the way. The lorry starts to follow her.


Hidden amongst the mystical undergrowth in a grimy operation room, six Rabbit Humanoid Surgeons haphazardly fight to save the life of a damaged soul. But will their unorthodox techniques betray their lack of understanding of human emotions?


  • Ekologiskt te från Pekoe