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Soon after her ‘big break’, Italian actress Nadya Cazan disappeared. Ottica Zero follows Nadya as she rejects of the monetary-based system to find an alternative way of living. It is a journey which takes us from Rome to Venus, where social innovator and futurist, Jacques Fresco, proposes a solution.


This is an artist collaboration, exploring the human tendency of systemizing in order to understand and/ or control the world. The film is a result of conversations about the destructive and reconstructive effects we encounter, privately and in history, when trying to apply our ideas about the world upon the reality of it. The process is a dynamic dialogue between sound and image. Three different soundscapes by three different artists from different parts of the world, each one adding their own meaning to the repeated images The idea is to filmically systemise our tendency to create systems, and since this is a contradictory task, the artists work from a simplified timeline, focusing on the points of beauty found in this process.


An investigation of modern female sexuality exposing the ‘lady machismo’ – a sadomasochistic contest that leaves the spectator in a burlesque dance of willpower, compassion, pain, physical and emotional strength.


We The Others is set in 2030 at the fringes of a civilization built on a hundred year old projection of the future. Here live the outcasts whose existence is being predetermined. They all have in common the similar physical characteristics of Down’s syndrome, but in this world, they are the embodiment of everyone who does not live up to the norm and are therefore not at the top of the genetic shopping list for the future. Feared by all as the ‘others’, ‘they’ are in fact most of us.


Man is an expansion of gender and language, a journey of physical transformation through the wilderness of pregnancy echoed by the sole remaining recording of Virginia Woolf’s voice. Bookended by a series of self-portraits where the filmmaker is satirising her own use of particular attire, generally read as masculine, becoming revelatory when posed in the context of the pregnant body. For a decade Borg has been exploring the semantics of visual language in her work, experimented with form to push content beyond the limits of established thought. She uses the deconstruction of language to dismantle other systems – may they be political, sexual, economic or cultural.


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