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A homage to dystopian science fiction. The soundtrack oscillates between a high-pitch note and the deep bass noise of an engine. The film is loosely connected to a text in English: a short fictional story set in a space ship


Day-glo is set in the municipality of El Ejido, a centre for large-scale fruit and vegetable production on Spain’s southern coast. In the early 90’s, Luis Zarzuela turned his greenhouse into a virtual reality theme park. His wife had seen virtual reality on tv and in a Cargo cult manner he sets about building his own.


Based on two meetings with a Predator drone operator. On camera, the drone operator agreed to discuss the technical aspects of his job and his daily routine. Off camera and off the record, he briefly described recurring incidents in which the unmanned plane fired at both militants and civilians – and the psychological difficulties he experienced as a result. Instead of looking for the appropriate news accounts or documentary footage to augment his redacted story, the film is deliberately miscast and misplaced.


As though on a rollercoaster at an amusement park, “RIP Geocities” is a ride through what Hollywood envisioned as cyberspace in the 1990’s. Geocities, a website that hosted personal homepages for free, was a locus of creative Internet energy in the 1990’s. This video abstractly represents and mourns the loss of not only the Geocities website, but also the culture it engendered, teeming with polyphonic, hand-coded web presences.


A journey through a serene landscape where the trees and fields are at once surreal and familiar. Through the use of video feedback, 3D animation and colour manipulations, the pictures render a new kind of space, a virtual world where only fragments of ”reality” subsist


Pictures escaped from a dream. A curious forest made out of neurons where the filmmaker wanders every night. A dream that brings together brain and cinema, memories and scientific experiments. A poetic search for the link which is being woven between neuroscience and films, at the heart of the mirror system, the mechanism by which we feel or not empathy for others, whether in the real world or on the screen.


A little girl is taken on a mind-bending tour of her distant future. Sundance winner and Academy Award nominee.


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