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Placeholder imagines the moment when AI comes of age, when virtual non-living material is transformed into self-aware beings capable of imitating human action, telling stories and seducing. The film explores developments in biogenetics, 3D printing of skin and organs and new research into historical models of AI. In this kaleidoscopic work, a lack of empathy from other human beings has made us seek comfort from the voice and touch of the machines.


Animated from the original radio interview of a famous Yugoslavian mathematician and
professor of Belgrade University where he is addressing his students on important subjects – how not to be a slave (rob) nor a robot (robot).


Robotic surgery department. A surgeon performs an entire operation controlling a robot’s motions using a joystick. An imaginative journey into a microcosm where the hope and expectation felt from the outside are confused with the clear and rational objectivity of the machine and the surgeons. The innovation of the Da Vinci system consists in that the patient’s body will never be touched directly by the hands of the physician, but only by the arms of the robot. During the course of the entire operation the extraordinary images captured by the robot will guide, in addition to our own, the expert eyes of the physician surgeon.


Robbie is an aging robot drifting alone through space at the end of his battery life. The images in the film is exclusively original footage of NASA’s Robonaut 2 that the filmmaker downloaded from their archives.


The fear of conscious machines is matched with a desire to connect with nonhuman entities. Algorithms collaborate and improvise. Dogs obey/disobey human commands, displaying their own artistry and agency in the process. Technology, from domesticated animals to algorithmic music to chat rooms, reflects human desires but has its own inventiveness. Can we ever truly communicate with a machine, with a nonhuman animal, with each other? Our anthropomorphic tendencies, our fear of replacement by nonhuman forms, even our interpersonal limitations, can’t foreclose the possibility of connection and understanding, a great unknown sometimes called trust.


A robot tree and two children are interacting in a snowy landscape. It’s hard to tell who controls who and whether it is a game or a drill. Inspired by Ocean D. Howell’s pamphlet ”in the playground of Technological Singularity.”


A comedic satirical sci-fi pop-musical based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil and other futurists. It’s the story of two Miami girls and how they deal with the technological singularity, as told through as series of cinematic tweets.


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