1. FyrisbiografenSunday, 29 October 15:00


Existing between spy thriller and prank call, this charmingly facetious video is about a man at a payphone desperately trying to retrieve his SD card, which is hidden in a hollow coin. Referencing an incident involving a Soviet spy, secrecy and public space dovetail in this hilarious art film comedy.


Night Soil examines the healing eff ect of the hallucinatory plant Ayahuasca on modern man’s troubled mind. Can it be, for Western civilisation now, what LSD was for the 1960s? How can shamanism, medicinal drugs, sexuality and the return of the feminine be aligned with the narcissism of cyberspace? Exploring these questions the 􀃶 lm presents an amalgam of personal accounts on the spiritual and bodily experiences with the Amazonian substance, giving particular weight to the feminine voice and point of view, traditionally neglected in psychedelic research. Can empathy, spirituality, feminism and ecological consciousness enable a healthy future for all living organisms on the planet?


December 18, 2005 we made 50 litres of punch and we off ered it for free on various Christmas fairs in Vienna. This is what happened.


Because of his provocative attitude, 15-year-old Julius is sent to a special school with a behavioural change program. But Julius sees no reason to adjust to the hypocrisy of normality. Will he be able to stay true to his ideals and be released from the programme altogether?


Established male actors are invited to an audition. During the test shoot, the female director tries to make them portray something that triggers their defence mechanisms.


  • Ekologiskt te från Pekoe