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Intro: Afghanistan Now!

Now! is a series of programmes devoted to bringing together new films from regions that otherwise have a hard time reaching our screens. The programmes aim to deal with hot topics and current state of affairs in times of turbulence, told from the insider’s point of view “In times of chaos, it is hard to find only one truth. A combination of different points of view can give a richer insight into the narrative that we are trying to
understand. These are films made with little resources and facilities. They do not excel in techniques but are genuine and have a personal approach. This allows us to enter into the insight of some of the complex issues of the Afghan society today.


The third chapter in a triptych, depicting the filmmaker’s mental journey through memories and confrontations with the implications of being displaced takes him to different spaces across continents and times in Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, France, and the Netherlands. Through montage as a method of investigation and the narrator’s confessional voice, a cinematic space is constructed out of fragments and reflections, a zero space wherein re-living the past and meeting with your dear ones is a way to challenge the present.


A father engages his daughter to an old man without her mother’s permission. The mother does not manage to prevent the marriage. On the wedding night, the daughter runs away from the groom’s house, but he forcefully brings her back. The mother goes to the groom’s house and fights to save her daughter


Kids who go to school get biscuits there. But when the poor kid who is too young for school tries to reach for a biscuit, the school director tells to come back when he has lost his baby teeth.


The film is based on the daily life of people in the Central Highland Region of Afghanistan, which is surrounded by mountains. Almost every family collects bushes for the winter from the mountain, and everyday they suffer through miles of mountainous terrain to bring bushes for their home.


Ali and his younger brother, together with their parents, are lifelong immigrants from Afghanistan. They have just arrived in Turkey. Every day they go to school and then work hard the rest of the day as shoe shiners on the street. A great deal of their earnings goes to the rent. One day they find out that another kid has occupied their working spot for shoe shining.