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Intro: Afghanistan Now!

Now! is a series of programmes devoted to bringing together new films from regions that otherwise have a hard time reaching our screens. The programmes aim to deal with hot topics and current state of affairs in times of turbulence, told from the insider’s point of view “In times of chaos, it is hard to find only one truth. A combination of different points of view can give a richer insight into the narrative that we are trying to
understand. These are films made with little resources and facilities. They do not excel in techniques but are genuine and have a personal approach. This allows us to enter into the insight of some of the complex issues of the Afghan society today.


A film about the perception of Muslims on the Holy Quran as a spiritual book in Afghanistan.


A young curious boy find his dad’s phone full of pornographic material. And finds himself in trouble soon enough.


A young boy is earning his money by selling chewing gum. He finds a wallet to put his money in. But the person who lost his wallet wants to get it back.


Among all the problems that women are facing in the society of Afghanistan, they often are the victim of mistrust and humiliation of their close ones including their family members. In this film, a man tries to experience one day in the life of a woman.


Many years back, I got into a tension with my wife and intended to separate from her. At the time, we only had our first daughter who was born with weak eyesight, my wife lacked literacy and education, and had not any vocational skills. I thought for a second, if I leave my wife and little daughter, how would they live in the traditional and patriarchal society of Afghanistan? The society in which the women are deprived their basic human rights. This led to the idea of making this film.


Mary and her daughters live in a remote village of Afghanistan, and her only son is doing military service in the Kunduz province. Upon hearing that the authorities have no news of her son after a fatal attack, she starts her own journey to find her son.