1. SlottsbiografenFriday, 26 October 17:00

Intro: Bend it Like Bergman

The Uppsala Award in Memory of Ingmar Bergman has been awarded by The Cultural Affairs Board in Uppsala since 2010. It has been given to young and promising filmmakers who push who pushes the boundaries of film art. Watch them push and bend it like Bergman.


Athens, Greece. A heatwave. Stephanos is working out and listening to rap, while his mother is planning for a day out. After a fight between them, he is left alone to take care of his two younger siblings and Lucy, the family dog, who is sick. It is a lazy summer day spent among pizza boxes, adolescent flirts, and a phone left unanswered. The three siblings are in store for major changes when Stephanos finally picks up the phone. This would be the last care-free day of their lives.


The world is moving ever so fast and humans are claiming more and more space without necessarily considering the consequences. After millions of generations pandas have a good chance of becoming another extinct species. They are left alone in the forest to fend for themselves. One day, an all-too-active primate, the human being, finds them. Soon the pandas are caught in the middle of a game where concepts of commercialism and pure voyeuristic entertainment are put side-by-side with notions of animal preservation.


How do you cope with a sexual orientation that’s considered morbid by society and by yourself? Three selfconscious, highly-educated paedophiles give merciless insight into their experiences. This documentary reveals the complex emotions and ethical challenges that these men struggle with.


1. Find a reassuring explanation for a bout of sleeplessness: the eating of white turnips. 2. Observe the mechanisms of passion. 3. Escape inadequate ideas. This is the story of a break-up. In the second film of Rachel Lang’s trilogy, Ana is trying to break up with her long-distance boyfriend. Nothing is really wrong with the relationship, but nothing is really right about it either.