1. SlottsbiografenSunday, 28 October 17:00

Intro: Bend it Like Bergman

The Uppsala Award in Memory of Ingmar Bergman has been awarded by The Cultural Affairs Board in Uppsala since 2010. It has been given to young and promising filmmakers who push who pushes the boundaries of film art. Watch them push and bend it like Bergman.


A disillusioned, middle-aged man goes door to door, drumming up business for his struggling real estate agency. As he attempts to balance his work with his personal life, he finds that he is unable to do a good job at either one.


Isolated in the wilderness, an old miner deals with the loss of his wife. The old man washes himself in a lake using the melting water of the ice that has preserved her body. The gesture is a ritualized way of dealing with her loss and honouring her existence.


The urban landscape shapes human relations: a mature woman, a young bride, and a group of young people seeking closeness in the anonymity of the big city. A drenched middle-aged woman taking off her wig, gazing out of the glass windows, a young man bursting into tears in a karaoke room surrounded by tropical landscape wallpaper, a young woman trying to wipe a smear off of the wedding dress she’s wearing… Each predicament is woven seamlessly together by a familiar Asian refrain.


It’s six o’clock in the morning, and Rafa’s mother isn’t at home. She didn’t return after spending another night with that man. Worried, Rafa borrows a friend’s bike and sets off to find her. He goes to the police station in downtown Lisbon and tries to find out something. Time goes by, but Rafa doesn’t want to return home alone.