11-12 år


21/10 kl 13:30 (Regina)
22/10 kl 12:30 (Grand)
23/10 kl 13:30 (Regina)
24/10 kl 10:30 (Regina)


This summer Jose only wants one thing: to ride with the notorious stunt bike group Team Domina, a group of young stunt bikers from the south of Rotterdam. During a ride-out on public roads they show the world what they do best: hopping. Jose is well aware of the risks involved in performing these lifethreatening tricks, but he nevertheless wants to be part of the group.

THE NETHERLANDS 2019. Documentary. 17 min. DIRECTION: René Van Zundert PRODUCTION: Nienke Korthof, Willem Baptist PHOTOGRAPHY: Davis Spaans


Jamila and her friends are practicing for the talent show, and nothing can get in the way of Jamila’s focus. Not even her little sister Leila’s question about the family’s asylum case. But when the police suddenly appear at school, Jamila starts to worry. Will performing risk their safety, or should she leave and risk her new friendships?

SWEDEN 2019. Fiction. 13 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Sophie Vuković PRODUCTION: Eliza Jones, Markus Waltå PHOTOGRAPHY: Karin Stenwall.


Whilst trying to cope with the sudden and recent loss of her mother, Nomvula takes refuge in establishing a friendship with a strange creature that has taken shelter in the industrial landscape of South Africa. Nomvula is determined to help the creature as a means to cope with her own alienation, however she fails to realize that the journey she is about to take will change her life forever.

SOUTH AFRICA 2019. Fiction. 15 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION/SCRIPT: Jason Maselle, Advik Beni PHOTOGRAPHY: William Douglas


All Grade 6 students remove their coats from their lockers. A paper passes discreetly between the children, right towards Anaïs. She opens it and finds out that it is a message from Laurier. Knife in the heart, rage in the eyes, she rushes to him and slaps the hell out of his face. A first heartbreak, it strikes!

CANADA 2018. Fiction. 8 min. DIRECTION: Anthony Coveney PRODUCTION: Alexe Laroche SCRIPT: Anthony Coveney, Marie-Andrée Brière PHOTOGRAPHY: William Robittaille


When they are forced to separate, 10-year-old Ali and his 18-year-old brother Mohammed have already been travelling for a long time. Three years earlier, a bomb destroyed their home in Kabul and killed their parents.

ITALY 2019. Fiction. 15 min. DIRECTION: Beppe Tufarulo PRODUCTION: Daniele Gentili, Lucia Nicolai PHOTOGRAPHY: Francesco di Pierro