Going Underground (IC10)


WED 23/10 AT 15:00 SLOTTS
THU 24/10 AT 19:00 SLOTTS


The city of Charleroi is defined by slag-heap hills formed from the waste material from coal mines. Filmed entirely from these terrils, the film weaves large-scale industrial tragedy with the poeticism of ecological rebirth through a data-driven narration in which the terrils are the protagonists.

BELGIUM/PORTUGAL/HUNGARY 2018. Experimental/Documentary. 13 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY/PRODUCTION: Bronte Stahl. Bronte Stahl is from Westerly, Rhode Island, USA. He is a recent graduate from the European Documentary Directing Masters Program, DocNomads. His films deal with encounters with the natural world and the beings that it hosts. His films have been selected to DocLisboa, DocFeed Eindhoven, and the Rhode Island International Film Festival. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Above Sea Level (2018), Forge (2018), Lungs (2017)


After a tough day at work, Alberto just wants to go home and show his wife his new tattoo: “Célia everlasting love,” but his sister unexpectedly arrives and needs a place to stay.

BRAZIL 2019. Fiction. 20 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Tomás Von Der Osten PHOTOGRAPHY: Eduardo Azevedo PRODUCTION: Larissa Figueiredo. Tomás Von Der Osten, b 1990 in Brazil, has a degree in Filmmaking from the Faculty of Arts of Paraná. He received an MA from the University of Lisbon in 2016. He currently works as an editor and screenwriter for film and television in Curitiba in southern Brazil. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: A Invenção da Noite (2015), Nem a mim, nem a ti (2012), Vó Maria (2011), Miragem (2011), Cadente (2011)


Hitting the head against a wall is a gesture known all over the world. Desperate people who do not know what to do next hit their heads against walls. But if we observe this movement as an instrument, a hopeless action begins to transform into an absurd repetition. In precisely those absurd moments in which our morals are paralyzed, we can observe and interpret the world from a different perspective.

AUSTRIA 2019. Experimental/Documentary. 13 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION: Anna Vasof. Anna Vasof, b 1985, studied architecture at the University of Thessaly in Greece and Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She is currently
writing her PhD thesis about an animation technique that she develops and, at the same time, working on designing and building innovative mechanisms for producing critical and narrative videos, actions, and installations. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Go
Ahead (2019), Muybridge’s Disobedient Horses (2019) Housewife’s Scream (2018), Almost Paid (2018), Farfalla Chase (2018), Fishnailing (2018), Peeks from Behind the Wall (2018) Things and Wonders 2022 (2017), Opoios Bei Tha Parei Ena Fili (2017),
Comic Dust (2017), Powder Chat (2017), Artificial Intelligence (2017), Concentrating (2017), Aiming (2015), Anachronism (2015), Apply to Sky Only (2015), Down to Earth (2014), Ready to Go (2014) Creativity – Mechanisms of Happiness (2014),
Telecommunication (2013)

BLOCK A-2-15

This is the first day Kai stays in the subdivided unit in Kuala Lumpur, where there are different tenants of various ethnicities living. A lot of problems are waiting for Kai and the other tenants to solve. What is the relationship between these tenants with this subdivided unit? What is their relationship with Malaysia?

MALAYSIA 2019. Fiction. 15 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/PRODUCTION: Won Jun Yap PHOTOGRAPHY: Tan Sing Kuen. Won Jun Yap graduated from New Era University College Drama & Visuals Department in 2018. His short film, Taste of Pineapple, won
the 2017 Sea Shorts Film Festival Student Film Competition. Currently, he works as a freelance filmmaker, mainly involved in the technical and art departments. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Taste of Pineapple (2016), Fly (2015)


There’s nothing unusual about receiving a package in the post. “Yes, but what if…?” are the wretched type of thoughts that cause Chloé to conjure up farfetched scenarios. If anxiety were an art, then Chloé has certainly mastered it.

FRANCE 2019. Animation. 11 min. DIRECTION: Marie-Pierre Hauwelle SCRIPT: Marie-Pierre Hauwelle, Nathalie Hauwelle PRODUCTION: Luc Camilli PHOTOGRAPHY: Guillaume Hoenig ANIMATION: Ignacio de Marco, Patricia Sourdes. Marie-Pierre Hauwelle studied film animation at La Poudrière School in Valence, where she also participates in the support group, “Art therapy: combatting anxiety by cutting out paper.” Her graduation film, Mémoires de chiffons, received Special Mention at Bruz Animated Film Festival, leading to her first anxiety attack in public. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Mangamikaze (2011), Mémoires de Chiffons (2009)


In the underground spaces of Toronto, a group of poets, rappers, singers, and musicians negotiate their status as second-generation Torontonians as well as settlers living on borrowed Indigenous land. Operatic in nature, this experimental documentary looks at rhythm and poetry as forms of creative labour that constitute mixed-cultural dialogue: the call-and response, the recitative, and the cypher.

BRAZIL/CANADA/USA 2019. Experimental/Documentary. 20 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca. PRODUCTION: Dora Amorim PHOTOGRAPHY: Pedro Sotero. Bárbara Wagner, b 1980 in Brasilia, Brazil, graduated from the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem in 2012. Benjamin de Burca, b 1975 in Munich, Germany, studied Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Ulster. Since 2011 he has collaborated with Bárbara Wagner and their work has been frequently exhibited internationally. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Terramoto Santo (2018, screened at Uppsala), Bye Bye Deutschland! Eine Lebensmelodie (2017, also screened at this year’s festival), Estás vendo coisas (2017, screened at Uppsala), Faz que vai (2015), Desenho Canteiro (2014), Cinema Casino (2013)


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