Primus Motor (IC5)


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This found footage film explores the relationship between religion and speciesism. The main focus is on the numerous YouTube representatives of creationism and the idea that man is the undisputed pinnacle of creation. The experimental film collage moves between old and new worlds of images of religious clients and questions the reasonableness of anthropocentric beliefs.

GERMANY 2019. Documentary/Experimental. 14 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/PRODUCTION: Art Collective NEOZOON. NEOZOON is
a female art collective founded in Berlin and Paris in 2009. The artistic work of the group is based on the principle of collage and examines sociological questions dealing with speciesism in the anthropocene. In their videos, the de- and recontextualization of found footage/ YouTube material is a recurring element. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: FragMANts (2019), Call of the Wild (2017), Love Goes Through the Stomach (2017), Shake Shake Shake (2016), Fair Game (2014), My Bby 8L3W (2014), Big Game (2013), Unboxing Eden (2013), Buck Fever (2012), Good Boy – Bad Boy (2011), Bockfieber (2011), Das Manteltier (2010)


Bird men suffer mysterious falls in the search for where the sun rises. Through episodes in which the line between reality and fantasy fades, these characters travel both the celestial and terrestrial with a single objective: dying to generate life. The obsessive impulse to fall to fertilize takes place between a scientific narrative and myths of Mesoamerican origin.

MEXICO 2018. Experimental/Fiction. 15 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Mauricio Saenz PRODUCTION: Fernando Delgado PHOTOGRAPHY: Guillermo Villa. Mauricio Sáenz, b 1977 in Matamoros, Mexico, is a visual artist and filmmaker with a practice between experimental and docufiction. He obtained an MA in Artistic Production from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain and has exhibited his audiovisual work in festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and European Media Art Festival in Germany. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Dakhla (2016), The Origin of Stones (2016), Casa Iceberg (2015), Insular (2015), Of Islands and Unicorns (2015)


On a drive back home in a dirty car, three young women talk about other people. Their conversation flows naturally, and takes them into uncharted territory.

THE NETHERLANDS 2019. Fiction. 17 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Stefanie Kolk PRODUCTION: Miel Van Welzen, Sander Verdonk, Julius Ponten. PHOTOGRAPHY: Martijn Melis. Stefanie Kolk graduated as a biophysicist and lived in Japan for two years before entering the Netherlands Film Academy. Her graduation short, Clan, and short Harbour both premiered in Locarno (2016 & 2017). She participated in Berlinale Talents 2019 and is currently developing her first feature film. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Harbour (2017, screened at Uppsala), Clan (2016), Handen (2016), Ten Days Before Spring (2012).


In a remote Norwegian village the weaving roads have become the subject of controversy. Assuming the role of detective, the documentary investigates the bewildering phenomena of car skid marks and their mysterious appearance.

FINLAND 2019. Documentary. 20 min. DIRECTION: Tinja Ruusuvuori. PRODUCTION: Marja Pihlaja PHOTOGRAPHY: Pietari Peltola. Tinja Ruusuvuori is a Helsinki-based documentary filmmaker. This is her graduation film from ELO Film School Helsinki (Aalto University, School of Art and Design). In addition to filmmaking she also works as a visual artist and screenwriter in children’s TV-programs. Currently, she is pursuing an MA at Glasgow School of Art. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Logbook (2019), Daily Hauntings (2018), Friday Child (2015), Death of Money Tree (2014)


A real-life story becomes the starting point for a cinematic reflection that leads from the personal to the political. Rather than the synthesizer that she wants, the first-person narrator is given a food processor as a gift. Baffled, she sets off to find out the possible reasons why. After all, the confusion poses a few questions: What identities and gender constructions are inscribed?

AUSTRIA 2019. Experimental/Documentary. 7 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/PRODUCTION: Adina Camhy. Adina Camhy studied Architecture
at TU Graz and UPV València, as well as Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She works and experiments at the interfaces of various forms of media expression, from music, sound and video, text, performance, and spatial intervention to
drawing and printed work.


A ski resort somewhere in the French Pyrenees, Ivan only lives for his motorcycle–the sentient, loving, breathing La Persistente. When a local rival tears her away from him, Ivan’s obsession becomes to win her back.

FRANCE 2018. Fiction. 22 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Camille Lugan PRODUCTION: Jérôme Barthelemy, Daniel Sauvage PHOTOGRAPHY: Noé Bach. Camille Lugan studied philosophy at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure-Ulm and screenwriting at La Fémis. After her experience in programming in Chicago, she is currently co-writing several features. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Karama, Karama (2014)


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