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Floating like leaves we witness a turbulent day in a life through the most vital element surrounding us. Brushstrokes of air in all its subtle, gentle, powerful, and inner manifestations paint our fragile existence in the most stormy ways.

THE NETHERLANDS/FRANCE 2019. Animation. 14 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/ANIMATION: Adriaan Lokman PRODUCTION: Richard Valk, Wendy Griffiths. Adriaan Lokman, b 1960, was trained in Animation and Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy. In his studio, he made commissioned animations. Nowadays, he particularly makes free films. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Barcode III.0 (2013), Chase (2012), Forecast (2006), Kort Rotterdams (2002), DICHT/VORM (2002), Barcode (2001, screened at Uppsala)


We follow a day in the life of Tanya, a curious woman who has developed a taste for non-human lovers. This time her bedroom experiments result in the creation of a beautiful giant slug. Can such a perfect creature survive in this gnarly world full of freaks and beefs?

UK 2018. Animation. 16 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION: Sophie Gate. Sophie Gate found comfort in animation after studying Graphic Design at Central St. Martins. She worked at Blacklist, an animation company in New York, for a year and then decided to continue her studies at the Royal College of Art. It was here her love for the moving image was cemented. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Half Wet (2014, screened at Uppsala), Marcy’s Tenderloin (2013).


A robot is supposed to perform a theatre play about its anger but becomes more and more annoyed by the director.

GERMANY 2019. Animation/Experimental. 12 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/ANIMATION/PRODUCTION: Patrick Buhr. Patrick Buhr is a media artist and animation freelancer based in Cologne. He studied Philosophy at the Humboldt University in Berlin and Media Art at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: The Train,The Forest (2017, screened at Uppsala), Something About Silence (2015, screened at Uppsala), What I Forgot to Say (2014, screened at Uppsala).


This film is a voyage through Syrian culture until today’s insanity, trying to find hope for the Syrian people.

SYRIA/GERMANY 2018. Animation. 14 min. DIRECTION: Waref Abu Quba, Kevork Mourad PRODUCTION: Eva Illmer, Halina Dyrschka. Waref Abu Quba was born in Al-Tall, Syria. In 2008 he received a BA in Graphic Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus. He has worked as a freelance filmmaker and motion graphic designer with major companies nationally and internationally. He currently lives and works in Darmstadt, Germany. Kevork Mourad was born in Qamishli, Syria, Mourad now lives and works in New York City. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts in Armenia. He employs his technique of live drawing and animation in concert with numerous notable musicians.


Inseparable best friends spend their last summer holiday of cderas vänskap.hildhood amusing themselves around the house. As summer progresses their bodies start to morph and shift and an awkwardness descends on their friendship. Puberty seems determined to interrupt their bond.

BELGIUM/THE NETHERLANDS 2018. Animation. 10 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Nienke Deutz PRODUCTION: Jeroen Derycke. Nienke Deutz, b 1986, attended the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Ghent. She works as a director of animated films and as an animator.


The film tracks an unknown man’s life as he sifts through memories of his youth in Bulgaria to his increasingly rootless and melancholic adulthood in Canada.

CANADA 2019. Animation. 27 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/ANIMATION: Theodore Ushev PRODUCTION: Marc Bertrand. Theodore Ushev, b 1968 in Bulgaria, received a degree in Stage Decoration, Animation, and Make-up at Plovdiv’s School of Scenic Arts. He obtained an MA in Graphic Design from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. In 1999 he moved to Montreal. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Blind Vayska (2016, screened at Uppsala), Gloria Victoria (2013), Drux Flux (2008), Tower Bawher (2005, screened at Uppsala).


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