Tearing at the Seams (IC8)


THU 24/10 AT 11:00 SLOTTS
FRI 25/10 AT 17:00 REGINA


Contrasting artistic visions, misplaced confidence, and blatant ignorance collide on the backdrop of an increasingly fragile and divided world. In August 2018, seven months before the UK is due to leave the EU, two stubborn Scottish filmmakers struggle to make a short film together in the Austrian Alps. Can they find common ground, or will they have to go their separate ways?

UK 2018. Animation/Documentary. 9 min. DIRECTION: Duncan Cowles, Ross Hogg PRODUCTION: Duncan Cowles. Duncan Cowles is a BAFTA Scotland Award-winning documentary filmmaker with a degree from Edinburgh College of Art. Ross Hogg is an
award-winning animation filmmaker based in Edinburgh. He won the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award for Animation in 2014, the Award for Short Film in 2016, and the Award for Animation in 2017. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Isabella (2015, screened at


A guy accepts a job offer from a stranger on the street. All he has to do is pull some levers while he’s listening to his favourite music through headphones. He is satisfied with the simple job’s pay until he hears a strange sound over the wall.

SOUTH KOREA 2018. Fiction/Animation. 9 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/ANIMATION: Boyoung Kim PRODUCTION: Nayoung Ki. Boyoung Kim is a Korean animator, graphic designer, and independent filmmaker. She is the creator of award-winning animated
short films and is currently working on a new animation and webcomic series. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Prey (2015), Impersonation (2013), Replacement (2013)


Tickling is torture used by evil siblings. Tickling is also the only socially acceptable action used on children by adults that is also a military interrogation method.

GERMANY 2018. Experimental. 13 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION/SCRIPT: Vika Kirchenbauer PHOTOGRAPHY: Rita Macedo. Vika Kirchenbauer is an artist, writer and music producer based in Berlin. In her work she explores opacity in relation to representation of the ʻotheredʼ and discusses the role of emotions in contemporary art, labour and politics. Her work has been presented in a wide range of contexts including Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Bonn Museum of Modern Art, ICA Artists’ Film Biennial, Donaufestival Krems, transmediale festival for art and digital culture. She has given lectures at institutions such as New York University, Goldsmiths University of London, Otis College of Art and Design Los Angeles, the Ruskin School of Art Oxford, the University of Copenhagen, the Berlin University of the Arts, the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the Academy of Arts Kassel. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Given Your Convenient Absence (2016), She Whose Blood Is Clotting in My Underwear (2016), You Are Boring!, (2015), Convenient, Sacred, Blessed (2015), Please Relax Now (2014), Kingdom Come: Rituals (2014), Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship (2012), The Multitude is Feverish (2010)


At a birthday party at a public pool disco, underdog Ronja challenges the girls’ alpha female to battle for dominance. The game escalates quickly, and as the thirst for power grows, Ronja and the other girls lose control.

NORWAY 2018. Fiction. 18 min. DIRECTION: Fanny Ovesen PRODUCTION: Sandbu Lotte SCRIPT: Maren Skolem PHOTOGRAPHY: Magga Vala. Fanny Ovesen was born and raised in Gothenburg. After finishing a BA in Culture and Media Production, she worked as a director’s assistant and coordinator before starting at the Norwegian Film School. Fanny has directed several award-winning short
films. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Smile (2017)


On Colombia’s Pacific coast, a mother teaches her daughter, Dulce, how to swim. It is an essential skill in this remote region, where livelihoods are made on the sea and where rising tides, made worse by climate change, have swept entire villages away in recent years. Overcoming her fear of the water is just one element of Dulce’s budding awareness of her natural and cultural surroundings.

PERU/COLOMBIA/USA 2018. Documentary. 11 min. DIRECTION: Angello Faccini, Guille Isa PRODUCTION: Darrell Hartman, Oliver Hartman, Annie Bush PHOTOGRAPHY: Angello Faccini. Angello Faccini, b 1991 in Bogotá, Colombia, is an award-winning director and cinematographer based in Barcelona. He studied filmmaking at ESCAC in Barcelona. His films have screened at more than 20 international film festivals. Guille Isa is a director and production designer based in Lima. The seven short documentaries he has co-directed for Jungles in Paris have played at numerous international film festivals.


A lullaby before the great disaster. Two pigeons visit a zoo without animals, a snail measures its blood pressure at the doctor’s, in the CERN laboratory something has gone terribly wrong. Six moments from our age, like memories of the world we leave behind.

SWEDEN 2019. Animation. 5 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY: Niki Lindroth von Bahr PRODUCTION: Kalle Wettre ANIMATION: Eirik Grönmo Björnsen, Anna Mantzaris. Niki Lindroth von Bahr studied set design/prop making at Nordisk Scenografiskolan in Skellefteå and animation/experimental film at Diagonalakademin in Stockholm. She works as a freelance prop maker, puppet maker, and animator with a studio in Stockholm. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Min börda (2017, also screened at this year’s festival) Simhall (2014, screened at Uppsala), Tord och Tord (2010, screened at Uppsala), En natt i Moskva (2008)


Two adult sisters, Diana and Sarah, are existing dysfunctionally, each limited by illness – one physically and the other psychologically. The film is a nightmarish, contemporary vision capturing one woman’s experience of anxiety.

UK 2019. Fiction. 25 min. DIRECTION: Ruth Paxton PRODUCTION: Rosie Crerar, Ciara Barry. Ruth Paxton is an award-winning writer/director whose short films have competed at numerous international film festivals. In 2019, Screen Daily featured her as one of “Six emerging Scotland-based directors you need to know.” SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Pulse (2014), Nevada (2012), Baroque (2011), Paris/Sexy (2010, screened at Uppsala), She Wanted to Be Burnt (2008)


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