National Competition 1 (NC1)


MON 21/10 AT 17:00 SLOTTS
THU 24/10 AT 19:00 REGINA


It was beautiful but it didn’t help. Using his dark humor as a weapon, he struggles on in spite of existential shortcomings and his doubts about being here.

SWEDEN 2019. Experimental. 4 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION/PHOTOGRAPHY: Mårten Nilsson. Mårten Nilsson, b 1962, has directed numerous short films. A retrospective of his films was screened at Uppsala in 2004. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Vi förändrar oss (2014, screened at Uppsala), This is Alaska (2009, awarded at Uppsala), Hur man gör (2007, awarded at Uppsala), Sportstugan (2005, screened at Uppsala), Rewind (2003, screened at Uppsala)


The new refugee home for children is being discussed at a public council meeting. Two people standing on opposite sides try to get heard. The film raises questions about whose opinions actually matter and what creates polarization.

SWEDEN 2019. Fiction. 15 min. DIRECTION: Elin Övergaard PRODUCTION/SCRIPT: Elin Övergaard, Manne Indahl PHOTOGRAPHY: Josua Enblom. Elin Övergaard, b 1994 in Uppsala, grew up partly in Sigtuna and partly in Salt Lake City, USA, before settling in Stockholm. She has worked as assistant director on many film productions, before starting her own career as a filmmaker. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Förebilder (2017, screened at Uppsala), Antingen-eller (2014, screened at Uppsala), Kontroll (2014, screened at Uppsala), Gryning (2013)


Come and buy! A German banker sells tax evasion and good advice. An English couple dreams about cheap properties on a sunny coast. A French airline announces tax-free products for their passengers, while a street preacher in Brazil offers Salvation. Documentary pictures and fictional dialogue and soundtrack are mixed, presenting a world where sustainability and care for others are not on the map.

SWEDEN 2019. Documentary/Experimental. 14 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION/SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY/ANIMATION: Cecilia Torquato De Oliveira. Cecilia Torquato De Oliveira is a film director, director of photography, artist, and producer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She teaches at Valand Academy and is CEO of Kvarteret Filmproduktion. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Unexplainable Photographs (2015), Inbox (2014), The Intangible (2012), The Sexual Monologues (2011), Duel (2011), Frog (2007), Gas (2002), Almost There (2001)


A lullaby before the great disaster. Two pigeons visit a zoo without animals, a snail measures its blood pressure at the doctor’s, in the CERN laboratory something has gone terribly wrong. Six moments from our age, like memories of the world we leave behind.

SWEDEN 2019. Animation. 5 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY: Niki Lindroth von Bahr PRODUCTION: Kalle Wettre ANIMATION: Eirik Grönmo Björnsen, Anna Mantzaris. Niki Lindroth von Bahr studied set design/prop making at Nordiska Scenografiskolan in Skellefteå and animation/experimental film at Diagonalakademin in Stockholm. She works as a freelance prop maker, puppet maker, and animator with a studio in Stockholm. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Min börda (also screened at this year’s festival) Simhall (2014, screened at Uppsala), Tord och Tord (2010, screened at Uppsala), En natt i Moskva (2008)


Lena’s passion for the football team, Djurgården IF, is only matched by her passion for its supporters. She works as an SLO, serving as the link between them and the club. In her work, she has to take the role of a security guard, extra-mother, football fanatic, social worker, and more. Through her eyes, we get to see the supporter culture and get a glimpse into the heart of football.

SWEDEN 2019. Documentary. 9 min. DIRECTION: Kim Sundbeck, Majaq Julén Brännström PRODUCTION: Johan Seth PHOTOGRAPHY: Teitur Ardal Rosengren, Majaq Julén Brännström. Kim Sundbeck and Majaq Julén Brännström met while studying film at Fridhems Folkhögskola. Sundbeck has edited a number of short films and SVT documentaries. Julén Brännström has worked as a cinematographer on various documentaries and short films. This is their first film together.


People have gathered in a field to attend a ceremony. They are all wearing different costumes and masks. The purpose of the ceremony remains unclear, and the gathering soon turns into a dissolved state.

SWEDEN 2019. Experimental. 13 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Isak Sundström, Peter Larsson PRODUCTION: Peter Larsson PHOTOGRAPHY: Jonas Teglund, Kevin Luna ANIMATION: Peter Larsson. Isak Sundström, b 1983 on Gotland, is an artist and musician. He has an MA in Art from Konstfack. Peter Larsson, b 1979 in Örebro, is a Stockholm-based artist who works with animation, collage, and drawing. Larsson received an MA in Free Art from the Royal Art Academy and has studied animation on Gotland.


On the night between 21st and 22nd November, a recycling center outside of Stockholm receives a bomb threat. After a closer examination of surveillance images, potential motives, interviews with the suspects, photographs, and physical evidence, it turns out that nothing is what it initially seemed to be.

SWEDEN 2019. Experimental/Fiction. 30 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Julius Jorborg PRODUCTION: Johan Seth. Julius Jorborg is a director and screenwriter from Stockholm. He has studied at Stockholms Filmskola, Manuspiloterna, and Alma Manusutbildning. He also holds academic degrees in History of Religions and Art History from Stockholm University. Julius has previously directed a handful of shorts and music videos. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Karmakameleonten (2014), Livet/Universum (2012), Föreställningen (2010), Mnemonic (2008), Vic Viper (2008), Mentaldisco (2007)


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