National Competition 2 (NC2)


TUE 22/10 AT 17:00 SLOTTS
FRI 25/10 AT 19:00 FYRIS


A man returns to the cabin where he spent summers as a child in order to reconstruct a series of strange events from the past. How could his parents’ couch suddenly be out in the yard? How come the walls in the bedroom were suddenly pink? How could he let this happen?

SWEDEN 2019. Experimental/Documentary. 13 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION: Richard Dinter SCRIPT: Richard Dinter, Freddy Olsson PHOTOGRAPHY: Mattias Högberg. Richard Dinter, b 1964, lives and works in Stockholm. In his work, he asks questions about identity obsession and memory. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Ghostbrothers (2017), Night (2016), Snö (2015, screened at Uppsala), Det finns inga gränser för vad jag kan göra (2007, screened at Uppsala), My croatian nose (2006)


A glosbevore is an eater of glass. It’s a nature program, or perhaps a horror film set in bright colours to an acoustic soundtrack.

SWEDEN 2019. Animation. 4 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION/SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY/ANIMATION: David Rylander. David Rylander studied animation at Diagonalakademin and has been making animated films since 1999. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Kobojsarns sång (2017)


A exploration of space at night. Which emotions will rise? Where will your focus take you? It depends. On your life and the night.

SWEDEN 2019. Documentary/Fiction.15 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION/SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY: Julius Bergman. Julius Bergman made his first film in his grandmother’s abandoned house. This small production made with three friends gave him a love for filmmaking, which still possess him today.


We have been taught to be polite and pleasant. It can be difficult to know when you should not. The film is based on Lisa’s experience in adolescence. A man shows her the way to the bus station one night. When she wants to leave, she is not allowed. This is not a story we want to tell. We have to.

SWEDEN 2019. Documentary/Animation. 10 min. DIRECTION: Lars Henrik Andersson, Lisa Rydberg PRODUCTION/ANIMATION: Lars Henrik Andersson SCRIPT: Lisa Rydberg. Lars Henrik Andersson is a composer, musician and a filmmaker. Lisa Rydberg works as an artist, cartoonist, art teacher and illustrator for books, exhibitions, magazines, animations and websites.


In a small village in the north of France, an attack alert has been set off due to the combination of two events: the beginning of the hunting season and an argument between drunk Polish workers.

SWEDEN 2019. Documentary. 14 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Morgane Dziurla-Petit PRODUCTION: Fredrik Lange PHOTOGRAPHY: Filip Lyman. Morgane Dziurla-Petit studied Cinema at La Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris and then Film Production in Cannes. She moved to Sweden in 2017, where she works for Vilda Bomben Film AB, creating new narratives, moving borders between documentary and fiction. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: The Day (2018)


Sofy’s job is putting caps on bottles. The work is monotonous and seemingly endless. The pace is fast, and Sofy must hurry to keep up. But today she is interrupted when one bottle arrives with a cap already attached. This throws off Sofy’s routine and she misses a couple of bottles. By chasing after the missed bottles she is taken on a revelatory journey through the factory.

SWEDEN 2019. Animation/Fiction. 3 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION/SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY/ANIMATION: Pella Olsson. Pella Olsson is a Swedish director and animator based in Stockholm. After receiving her BA in Philosophy from Uppsala Universitet she went fully into filmmaking and directing. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Apples (2017), Ersättare (2015)


Goalkeepers Lovisa and Elin are fighting for the only spot in the starting line-up on the national football team. They are spending a lot of time on the field together with Mette, the new goalkeeping trainer, who slowly starts to take advantage of the situation. It unfolds into a story about performance, competition, power games, and football.

SWEDEN 2019. Fiction. 30 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Caroline Eriksson PRODUCTION: Catherine Champagne PHOTOGRAPHY: Nea Asphäll. Caroline Eriksson graduated in 2012 from Fridhems Folkhögskola, where she now works as a film teacher. She also runs the production company Lindbacka film, which produces both film and theater in various forms.


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