National Competition 3 (NC3)


WED 23/10 AT 17:00 SLOTTS
SAT 26/10 AT 13:00 SLOTTS


Yustina’s sister is missing. She left their village in Kosovo to find work for them in a land far, far away- the land they call Sweden. But then the letters stopped coming. Now Yustina finds herself in this new country where she, all by herself, has to find and save her big sister. Yustina’s journey will be filled with danger, so in order to cope with a brutal reality she uses her imagination to create her own world. A world where the
people that have imprisoned her sister are monsters that only she, using her magical powers, can defeat.

SWEDEN 2019. Fiction. 15 min. DIRECTION: Isabella Carbonell PRODUCTION: Maida Krak. Isabella Carbonell is a director and screenwriter based in Stockholm. Over the last six years she has written and directed five short films and three music videos. Her
film, Boys (Pojkarna), was screened during the Critic’s Week in Cannes and won the Grand Jury Award for Best Live Action Short at the AFI Film Fest in Los Angeles. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Dogborn (2019), Galningarna (2016), Pojkarna (2015, screened at Uppsala), Tornado (2013), Dansu (2011), Min vän Josef (2010)


In a world that is in constant and unstoppable change, it is easy to become historyless, lose clarity of perspective, and be blinded by the moment. The circumstances shape our belief in what is possible, and much of what once was a struggle for many has now become taken for granted. Can a longer perspective increase our understanding of our surroundings?

SWEDEN 2019. Experimental/Documentary. 14 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/PRODUCTION: David Gülich PHOTOGRAPHY: Adam Wallensten, Maria Von Hausswolff, John Skoog. David Gülich is a composer, sound designer, and director. For the past 13 years he has worked with music and sound for hundreds of projects in everything from film and theatre, to computer games, to public installations. In his work, he uses chance and chaos as his main tools. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: Smör (2014)


A group of actors who have gotten tired of the patriarchal theatre institutions are rehearsing an “unconventional” version of Euripides’ Medea. When they get interrupted by a group of teenage girls they need to realize that they might not be as progressive as they think.

SWEDEN 2019. Fiction. 13 min. DIRECTION/PRODUCTION: Siri Hjorton Wagner, Nadja Hjorton SCRIPT: Nadja Hjorton PHOTOGRAPHY: Lisabi Fridell. Siri Hjorton Wagner is a Swedish producer, actor, and director. She is the founder of the independent production company, [sic] film. Her films have been screened at, among others, Berlinale, Sundance, and Uppsala and have won several prizes worldwide, including the 2016 Guldbagge for Best Short. Nadja Hjorton is a Swedish choreographer and dancer. She received an MA in Choreography from DOCH in 2012. Her works have been presented at several venues and festivals around Europe.


An autobiographical film about men getting in the way, divided into three chapters: 12 years, 18 years and 24 years old. Each chapter is about an incident of sexual harassment when director Jessica is on her way home.

SWEDEN 2019. Documentary/Animation. 7 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/ANIMATION: Jessica Laurén PRODUCTION: Maria Åkesson. Jessica Laurén, b 1967, started to work with animation as a colouring artist directly after high school and quickly moved on to
inking, in-betweening, and animation. Since 2013 she has been working as a director, illustrator, script writer, and designer at her own company Goldspoon/Dessiné AB. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: To Garbo and Lenin (2017), Who Is Where (2011), Who? (2010), Kiddie Thoughts (2004), Water of the Sun (1994)


In the film we follow groups of minglers, synchronized dancers, and swimmers repeating themselves as a paper-plane pilot takes on his journey with noble conceit. This animated paper-puppet world takes inspiration from art institutions and is based on thoughts concerning our culture’s hunger for authentic stories from the margins of society.

SWEDEN 2018. Animation/Experimental. 11 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT/PHOTOGRAPHY/ANIMATION/PRODUCTION: Kasra Alikhani.
Kasra Alikhani, b 1987 in Iran, was raised on Gotland and in Borås and is currently studying for his MA at Akademin Valand.


Shams and Stella are in love. Shams hasn’t told Stella that she is seeking asylum, nor about Hanine, who is still in Palestine waiting for Shams to help her come to Sweden. Stella works at the Migration Agency. When Shams has her interview with the Swedish Migration Board, Stella shows up as the assistant judge. Shams has to tell the truth to get asylum.

SWEDEN 2019. Fiction. 30 min. DIRECTION: Jenifer Malmqvist PRODUCTION: Emma Ronge Åkesdotter SCRIPT: Figge Heurlin, Jenifer Malmqvist, Mariam Altamimi PHOTOGRAPHY: Ita Zbroniec-Zajt. Jenifer Malmqvist received a BA in Film Directing at the Polish National Film School in Lodz in 2009. She has written and directed award-winning short films, both documentary and fiction, which have been described as realism mixed with the absurdism and surrealism of everyday life. Since 2010 she has been part of Tangram Film. SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: On Suffocation (2013, awarded at Uppsala), Birthday (2010), Brotherhood (2008), At the End of the Street (2007), Peace Talk (2004), Angel Schmangel (2003)


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