Cat Video Festival: Hope is the Thing with Fur!


SAT 26/10 AT 17:00 REGINA

If we should believe the numerous memes, online platforms, and blogs then cats ARE the internet! No other animal is as present on the World Wide Web as our feline friends. No wonder that their fame has already crossed borders into the art and commercial world! Everybody wantsa slice. Together with the CatVideoFest (USA) and it’s director Will Braden, the mastermind behind the “Henri, le Chat Noir” videos, we’ve prepared a program with funny, classy, and creative cat content that guarantees entertainment. In five CATegories you will see music videos, cat short films, animations, and the very popular cat home videos including famous cat stars like LIL BUB, Henri and co. Dedicated to Grumpy Cat (RIP 2012 – 2019).

Hope is the Thing with Fur! is a curated program by CatVideoFest (USA) and Cat Video Festival Vienna in collaboration with VIS Vienna Shorts.


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