EFA Shorts 3


These are candidates for the award European Short Film 2019, which will be presented at European Film Awards on December 7.


WED 23/10 AT 13:00 SLOTTS
SUN 27/10 AT 21:00 SLOTTS


A coming storm after dog days dawns during a sudden road trip to a distant island for a funeral. The dead are buried in haste and a man makes a detour through Aegean Turkey. The funeral is eclipsed by a last wish.

TURKEY/GERMANY 2019. 20 min. DIRECTION: Arda Çiltepe PRODUCTİON: Alara Hamamcıoğlu, Öykü Canlı SCRIPT: Arda Çiltepe, Julia Tielke


A woman is locked in her home with an egg, which she is both attracted to and scared of. She eats the egg, and she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of hunger.

FRANCE/DENMARK 2018. 13 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Martina Scarpelli PRODUCTION: Emmanuel-Alain Raynal ANIMATION: Martina Scarpelli, Emmanuel Lantam, Timon Chapelon, Annalea Hartelius, Sarah Rothenberger, Marta Dziedzic, Joel Stenbäck, Laura Konradi Brodersen, Maria Sandvig Nielsen, Emma Vasile



Yanni’s mum is on her way to audition for a role as Shakespeare’s Viola when she learns that her young son has been left home alone. Through a series of phone calls, she fights to balance the most important roles of her life, whilst walking in the most controversial area of central Athens, Patision Avenue.

GREECE 2018. 12 min. DIRECTION: Thanasis Neofotistos PRODUCTION: Ioanna Bolomyti, Kyveli Short SCRIPT: Thanasis Neofotistos, Yorgos Angelopoulos, Pavlos Sifakis


This animation was inspired by the refugee crisis, where Macedonia played the unfortunate role as a transit country. In essence, the film is a love story set in a very unusual circumstances and told in a very abstract and poetic way.

NORTH MACEDONIA/BELGIUM 2019. 11 min. DIRECTION/ANIMATION: Vuk Mitevski PRODUCTION: Labina Mitevska, Sebastien Delloye


Seventeen-year-old Olda is an accused and waiting for his trial in a detention centre for juveniles. The monotone prison life is gradually intertwined with memories of a police reconstruction. It took one summer night for the holiday boredom to turn into cruel fun that resulted in death.

CZECH REPUBLIC 2018. 15 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Jiří Havlíček, Ondřej Novák PRODUCTION: Dagmar Sedláčková


A dysfunctional family is struggling to put up a complicated tent. The tension is forcing an underlying conflict to the surface–and, finally, a shocking secret is revealed.

NORWAY 2019. 17 min. DIRECTION/SCRIPT: Rebecca Figenschau PRODUCTION: Frode Søbstad


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