Musicals: Once More with Squealing


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Welcome to a selection of the most glittery, loud, emotional, spectacular, melodramatic, and altogether wonderful musicals from the last 20 years of short film!

That part about short film is not unimportant. It’s sometimes said that short film has less rigid rules and limitations, that the imagination can run wild and free. That may be true, but short fiction film is often ruled by time constraints and set dramaturgy. This may be one of the reasons why the movie musical – does a more well-defined genre even exist? – with its scheduled outpourings of emotion and high peaks of extravaganza, fit exceedingly well into the short film format. Fantasy can indeed run wild and free, with literally no whim or flight of fancy too far-fetched. The movie musical, with extra everything on top, is just about perfectly measured in short film.

In short film it’s perfectly fine for a SWAT team to sing a little song before crashing in your door and starting to shoot up the place, or for a couple of mice, who also happen to be cleaners at a hamburger restaurant, to do a little tap dance in order to cope with the unbearable lightness of being. You can also tell yourself that the Norwegian Christian Democrat Knut Arild Hareide rose to political fame and glory due to having some serious singing and dancing chops, and that when the Devil rides into London it will be as a leather-clad opera-singing biker. Anything’s possible in the land of the short film musical.

Curator: Christoffer Olofsson


Based on the untrue story about how Knut Arild Hareide became a party leader, this film follows him on his journey from the safety of his hometown Bømlo, to the big and unpredictable city of Oslo with all its dangers, including impressive dance sequences and amazing songs.

NORWAY 2017. 23 min. DIRECTION: Kolbjørn Haugen, Jon Sindre Fjellvang Klonteig


Bruno, in his thirties and in desperate need of a purpose, ends up homeless after a bad breakup. Without despairing, and under the watchful eye of his motherly big sister, this sawmill worker will find the drive to put his beloved blue suit back on and to rekindle an old flame.

CANADA 2016. 21 min. DIRECTION: Jean-Marc E. Roy, Philippe David Gagné


Lina’s lusty longing for her lover receives an absurd and musical twist during an unexpected encounter in a coconut cake factory.

NORWAY 2006. 10 min. DIRECTION: Charlotte Blom


Where would Kate be without her Echo? The little temptress Kate needs her friend Echo because she is lovesick. She loves the eccentric artist Bruno, who uses the energy of young talent for his ecstatic parties. Kate recovers from that inside the cave belonging to her wild friend Echo. She wants Echo all for herself, until Echo notices the immense power of love.

GERMANY 2005. 20 min. DIRECTION: Petra Schröder


One morning a woman notices something strange at the café where she has breakfast every morning. All of the other customers and the waiters are in total silence. They all look down. Nobody touches their breakfast. All of a sudden, a song can be heard.

SPAIN 2003. 7 min. DIRECTION: Nacho Vigalondo


When Action meets Musical there’s only one rule left–you don’t shoot them while they’re singing and dancing. Jake and his tough SWAT team raid an abandoned factory in order to bring down the country’s most dangerous terrorist, the Mother. Naturally everyone’s singing and dancing. A story of hard men with hard feelings. Sometimes their voices are a little weak.

GERMANY 2017. 31 min. DIRECTION: Daniel Vogelmann


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