Musicals: There’s No Business Like Shorts Business


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Welcome to a selection of the most glittery, loud, emotional, spectacular, melodramatic, and altogether wonderful musicals from the last 20 years of short film!

That part about short film is not unimportant. It’s sometimes said that short film has less rigid rules and limitations, that the imagination can run wild and free. That may be true, but short fiction film is often ruled by time constraints and set dramaturgy. This may be one of the reasons why the movie musical – does a more well-defined genre even exist? – with its scheduled outpourings of emotion and high peaks of extravaganza, fit exceedingly well into the short film format. Fantasy can indeed run wild and free, with literally no whim or flight of fancy too far-fetched. The movie musical, with extra everything on top, is just about perfectly measured in short film.

In short film it’s perfectly fine for a SWAT team to sing a little song before crashing in your door and starting to shoot up the place, or for a couple of mice, who also happen to be cleaners at a hamburger restaurant, to do a little tap dance in order to cope with the unbearable lightness of being. You can also tell yourself that the Norwegian Christian Democrat Knut Arild Hareide rose to political fame and glory due to having some serious singing and dancing chops, and that when the Devil rides into London it will be as a leather-clad opera-singing biker. Anything’s possible in the land of the short film musical.

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The film follows the life of a couple of singers from Münster who became known for covering the most prominent voices of distinct eras of Schlager music. While Markus got recognition through YouTube tributes to Udo Jürgens (known for introducing French Chanson in 1970s Schlager), Steffi often performs the repertoire of Helene Fischer, a contemporary Schlager icon who opened the genre to a Global Pop standard.

GERMANY 2017. 20 min. DIRECTION: Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin De Búrca


A young man’s quest for love and acceptance, all told in a lively musical film about being yourself and loving whoever you want.

NORWAY 2011. 12 min. DIRECTION: Maria Bock


This frenzied leather-and-oil spectacular is an opera on wheels and an electrifying vision of heaven, hell, and the earth that lies uneasily between them. Seven devils astride motorbikes, spat from heaven into London of the 90’s, sing and spread fear and terror among men.

SWITZERLAND 1998. 27 min. DIRECTION: Dominik Scherrer


When Ethan, an Emo kid who hates almost everything, falls in love with Trinity, a good Christian girl with a passion for life and her Lord Jesus Christ, will they be able to live happily ever after?

AUSTRALIA 2014. 15 min. DIRECTION: Neil Triffett


An existentialist musical, enacted in a modern marketplace next to a large freeway. The employees in the different commercial venues deal with boredom and existential anxiety by performing cheerful musical turns. The apocalypse is as tempting as a liberation. The film has received over 80 awards from all over the world.

SWEDEN 2017. 15 min. DIRECTION: Niki Lindroth von Bahr


Shop clerk Baba falls for the beautiful real estate agent across the street. When he sells her lunch, she steals his heart. But they are from different worlds, so there is only one way their love can make it…Bollywood Style!

IRELAND 2009. 5 min. DIRECTION: David O’Sullivan


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