Swedish Queerclassics


THU 24/10 AT 21:00 FYRIS
SUN 27/10 AT 17:00 FYRIS


It took almost a century for Swedish feature film to openly and positively portray queer people and emotions on screen, but in newsreels and short film, the queer movement has existed since the birth of cinema. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a series of demonstrations that has become a powerful symbol for the contemporary LGBTQ movement. The Swedish Film Institute wishes to highlight this with a programme of queer shorts spanning nearly a century of cinema.

The films will be screened without English subtitles.

Curator: Kajsa Hedström, the Swedish Film Institute


“A soft, gliding Boston starts the proceedings. A dance in a modern salon.” A silent film with new music by Matti Bye.

SWEDEN 1909. 3 min. DIRECTION: Unknown


Advertisement for Hylin’s shaving cream, where stage legend Lasse Krantz’s skin becomes so silky smooth that he is more believable when dressing up as a woman.

SWEDEN 1940. 1 min. DIRECTION: Unknown


Danish-American Christine Jörgensen was the first person to go through surgical gender reassignment. Here, she arrives in Stockholm.

SWEDEN 1954. 1 min. DIRECTION: Unkown


Eleven homosexual men live in a huge apartment in central Stockholm and make a documentary about themselves. They shop, cook, have consciousness-raising groups and massage training, fool around in the bathtub, promote equal rights, sew buttons, and have sex. Or at least make out in their underwear.

SWEDEN 1977. 21 min. DIRECTION: Kollektivfilm (Olle Holm et al)


A film about being horny for another girl and not being able to stop thinking about her. Selma meets Sofie in the swimming hall and thinks about her night and day, even though she’s got a boyfriend. One day, she’ll get her hands under that swim suit.

SWEDEN 2002. 18 min. DIRECTION: Mia Engberg


It’s summer, and Olle is working at his father’s campground. As every summer, Barbro comes there, bringing her karaoke equipment. This time she’s also bringing her nephew, Kevin. Together, the two boys cautiously explore their identities and their feelings of love.

SWEDEN 2007. 28 min. DIRECTION: Håkon Liu


  • Ekologiskt te från Pekoe