Ukraine Stay Weird


SAT 26/10 AT 17:00 GRAND
SUN 27/10 AT 19:00 FYRIS

It is weird. But it is real. I had never thought that I would have to face several revolutions and ongoing war with Russia during my lifetime. The recent change of government in Ukraine and the comeback of old-new populists both here and in numerous European countries shocked us equally. We’re all in the same boat.

The two programs we present are based on conflicting emotions every Ukrainian has to experience; enjoying the congruence and realness of what Ukraine is with the constant challenges of this very moment in history and getting annoyed by its non-logical, yet charming, weirdness.

Many things are a “work in progress” in Ukraine, while the level of freedom equals the level of personal responsibility for it, and obviously, it is fruitful soil for diverse artistic visions.

The filmmakers we’ve chosen work with big budgets or no budget at all. The program Ukraine Stay Real is based on chronology and motifs starting from a turning point in the modern history of Ukraine – the Revolution of Dignity – and ending with the techno party 5 years later.

The surrealistic animated world seems more real than reality. Ukraine Stay Weird is a trip to unconscious traumas of a single person that influences the whole society. Together they form a rather subjective, but nevertheless loud, message.

Curator: Olha Reiter, Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art



This is a story of professional weightlifter Petro who is preparing for an important competition. Before the competition, Petro receives tragic news. The hard decision lays upon his shoulders. His inner conflict makes Petro into something more than just a mechanical bundle of muscles.

Drama European Film Academy Short Film Candidate 2019

UKRAINE 2018. Fiction. 30 min. DIRECTION: Dmytro Sukholytkyi-Sobchuk


The Girl and the Boy play in a garden. They are left alone there, and they do not have any obligations to behave in a certain way. This gives them the freedom to create their own ways of interaction with the world. During such an interaction, adult social constructs intertwine with weird childish folklore and shift into an abstract sphere. There are secrets and various modes of being in the world of the Girl and the Boy.

UKRAINE 2019. 13 min. DIRECTION: Oksana Kazmina


Two young men are travelling to celebrate their older brother’s birthday, but their plan is delayed when their car breaks down. The sun is going to set before long, and there is little chance of finding help in this god-forsaken place. They eventually decide to travel the rest of the long journey by foot.

UKRAINE 2015. 15 min. DIRECTION: Nariman Aliev


An ironic documentary film about the farewell to the phantoms of the USSR in Ukraine. The spiritual session with the ghost of Lenin guides us through our past, present, and future. The film presents the dawn and twilight of idols, as well as the curious afterlife of history’s ghosts. The film is inspired by laws adopted in 2015 by the Parliament of Ukraine, which condemn the Communist totalitarian regime and ban the use of communist symbols.

UKRAINE 2017. 11 min. DIRECTION: Svitlana Shymko


Life of forty-six-year-old Oksana changes when her husband, Tolik, turns into a seven-year-old boy. Doctors are powerless, and nobody can bring him back. Oksana clings to her old life, but the problem turns out to be more serious than it seemed to her.

UKRAINE 2018. 17 min. DIRECTION: Pavlo Ostrykov


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