FILMRUMMET: Minorities on Screen – Telling Your Own Story


FRIDAY 25/10, 13:00, GRAND











Through artistry and experience, we explore questions about the impact of film and art on the image of a minority group and the power of portraying themselves rather than being portrayed. Who has the right to portray minority and indigenous people on film? How does the gaze differ depending on who is producing the images? What do you as a filmmaker want to achieve by picking up the camera? And how do previous depictions of minority groups influence new portrayals?

Anna Linder works as an artist, curator, and cultural producer primarily in the field of moving images.

Adam Kahlil is an artist who works with various media and forms of expression. He has curated the programme Anti-Ethnography.

Moderator: Lina Puranen



  • Ekologiskt te från Pekoe