Uppsala Talent Days 23-26 October


Uppsala Talent Days is a national meeting for filmmakers on the verge of entering the professional film industry. The meeting is a unique opportunity to make contact with filmmakers from all over the country and to start creating a professional network. Over the course of a few intense days, the participants take part in seminars, film screenings, a national pitch, and meetings with the festival’s international guests and industry representatives. Several events are open to the festival’s guests and audience. More information is available in the description for each seminar.


Adam Starsmark, Daniela Runesson, Emma Pål Brunzell, Frida Thelin, Johanna Hedberg, Jonathan Heinius, Julia Boström, Kim Sundbeck, Malin Englund, Marim Shamasha, Matti Leinikka, Nadja Carlheim Gyllensköld, Robin Krey Andersson, Sara Lysén


Niclas Due Gillberg, Malin Stengård (Uppsala Internationella Kortfilmfestival), Hanna Sohlberg (Film i Skåne), Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin (Filmbasen), och Louise Bown (Kulturenheten Film).


Selection Committee
Diana Andersson Walve (Film i Dalarna), Henrik Harrysson (Region Gävleborg), Louise Bown (Kulturenheten Film) och Niclas Due Gillberg (Uppsala Internationella Kortfilmfestival).