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Between 15th January and 31st May we are accepting submissions for the 38th Uppsala International Short Film Festival. International short films can be submitted to the International Competition or the Children’s Film Competition. For submissions of Swedish short films, please change to the Swedish version of the website.


Submit your film to the International Competition or the Children’s Film Festival

Short films of all genres with a running time of no more than 40 minutes are accepted for consideration. Submitted films must have been produced 2018 or 2019. All submissions are made on

Submission fee for the International Competition:
Early bird (January-February): 7 EUR
Regular (March-April): 9 EUR
Late (May): 12 EUR

No submission fee for entries to Children’s Film Competition and National Competition.

The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2019.

In order to submit to the festival, please click the link to Shortfilmdepot below. There you can read the full festival regulations, create your Shortfilmdepot account if you haven’t got one already and submit your film.

Link to Shortfilmdepot:
Regulations International Competition 2019 (direct link)
Regulations Children’s Film Competition 2019 (direct link)


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