Short Film Day Gottsunda 21/12

21 December, the Uppsala International Short Film Festival celebrates the Short Film Day at Kulturpunkten in Gottsunda. It will be an evening of some of the best short films, café and film conversations in one of the nicest cultural venues in Uppsala. The café at Kulturpunkten is open from 16:00.

The festival has put together three unique short film screenings. The films are the most popular short films from the latest edition of Uppsala International Short Film Festival. Each screening contains 4 short films and last for about 60 minutes. The screenings start at 17:00, 18:30 and 20:00. All films are subtitled in English. Read more about the films below.

Screening times: 17:00, 18:30 and 20:00
Café: from 16:00

Place: Kulturpunkten, Gottsunda Centrum

Tickets are free of carge and can be collected on (10 SEK/ticket booking charge will be added online) or at Kulturpunkten from 16:00 on the 21 December. Tickets will be available from 8 December at 08:00 on Tickster.

How to get here. The easiest way to get to Gotttsunda Centrum is to take bus number 7 from Stora torget which takes about 20 minutes. More information on Kulturpunkten is situated in Gottsunda Centrum about 5 minutes walk from the bus stop.

The Short Film Day 2017 is arranged by Uppsala International Short Film Festival in collaboration with Kulturpunkten and with support from the Swedish Film Institute.


SCREENING 1 – 17:00

SKOLSTARTSSORG (Sweden, fiction, 17 min, dir: Maria Eriksson) Mer om filmen.
PÉPÉ LE MORSE (France, animation, 15 min, dir: Lucrèce Andreae) Mer om filmen.
MUSEUMSWÄRTER (Austria, animation, 3 min, dir: Alexander Gratzer) Mer om filmen.
SCRIS/NESCRIS (Romania, fiction, 20 min, dir: Adrian Silisteanu) Mer om filmen.

SCREENING 2 – 18:30

MARIELA (UK/Argentina, fiction, 10 min, dir: Victoria Romero) Mer om filmen.
MIN BÖRDA (Sweden, animation, 15 min, dir: Niki Lindroth von Bahr) Mer om filmen.
CIPKA (Poland, animation, 8 min, dir: Renata Gasiorowska) Mer om filmen.
SKUGGDJUR (Sweden, fiction, 22 min, dir: Jerry Carlsson) Mer om filmen.

SCREENING 3 – 20:00

FÖREBILDER (Sweden, fiction, 14 min, dir: Elin Övergaard) Mer om filmen.
PRIA (Indonesia, fiction, 22 min, dir: Yudho Aditya) Mer om filmen.
WEDNESDAY WITH GODDARD (UK, animation, 4 min, dir: Nicolas Ménard) Mer om filmen.
NEGAH (Iran, fiction, 15 min, dir: Farnoosh Samadi) Mer om filmen.



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