Uppsala Talks – Seminars and Events

UppsalaTalks is the seminar and event programme at Uppsala International Short Film Festival. UppsalaTalks is free of charge. Many of the seminars are held in English, see list below. Thanks to all partners and participants!



Thursday 25/10
13:00, Grand – Uppsala Talent Days: Meet the Producers (In Swedish. Participants of Uppsala Talent Days only.)
15:00, Grand – Women in Film and Television (WIFT): Films that Break with Norms, with Sosi Chamoun and Julia Thelin. Moderator: Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh. (In Swedish)
16:00, Grand – The Revolution will be Slower than You Think, with Petra Bauer and Maike Mia Höhne.
17:00, Regina 2nd floor – Oberoende Filmares Förbund (OFF): Green Cards and Reception (In Swedish)
19:00, Grand – A Method to their Mash-Up Madness, with Soda_Jerk and Norbert Pfaffenbichler. Moderator: Nadi Tofighian.


Friday 26/10
10:00, Grand – Uppsala Short Film Pitch, Jury: Helena Ingelsten, Ivica Zubak, and Anna Byvald. Moderators: Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin and Hanna Sohlberg. (In Swedish)
12:00, Grand – Uppsala Talent Days: Meet the Commissioners, with Helena Ingelsten, Patrik Axén, and Tina Pettersson. (In Swedish. Participants of Uppsala Talent Days only.)
13:00, Grand – Shooting Under Pressure: On-Set Challenges for Cinematography, with Ita Zbroniec-Zajt.
15:00, Grand – Bergman’s Arcadia, with Jan Holmberg.
16:00, Regina 2nd floor – Reception: The Uppsala Cultural Affairs Board (Accredited guests only.)
16:00, Grand – Screening Opportunities for Short Film, with Maja Kekonius, Olle Agebro, Daniel Ebner, and Eva Thunell. Moderator: Ulrika Bandeira.
Fri 26/10, 17:00, Regina 2nd floor – Reception: Festivalcentrum (Accredited guests only.)
18:00, Regina 2nd floor – Best European Short Film, Really?, with the directors of the films nominated for European Short Film 2018. Moderator: Jing Haase.
19:00, Central Passage, Uppsala Central Station – A Wall is a Screen, for grown ups (In collaboration with Uppsala City)
21:00, Pub Cousteau – Mash Bash! Party!


Saturday 27/10
10:00, Grand – How to Find Money and Put It Onscreen, with Ruth Reid.
11:00, Grand – Uppsala Talent Days: EFA Meets the Talents (Participants of Uppsala Talent Days and EFA participants only.)
11:30, Grand – Breakfast with the Festival, with the directors in the International Competition. Moderator: Ari Gunnar Þorsteinsson.
13:00, Grand – Would You Buy This?, with Sarah Dombrink, Sam Morrill, and Marija Milovanovic. Moderator: Rafael Franco.
17:00, Grand – Between Dream Logic and Poetry: The Avant-Garde Imaginings of Gunvor Nelson and Margaret Tait, with John Sundholm and Sarah Neely.
17:30, Svartbäcksgatan 7, Guldsmedshuset, A Wall is a Screen, for the family (In collaboration with Uppsala City)
21:00-03:00, Cousteau, Short Film Party: Club Katushka



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