The festival interprets Unai


On the 10th of September at 19:30, the Uppsala International Short Film Festival and Uppsala Concert & Congress arranges a short film screening combined with a concert with the artist Unai. The programme consists of five short films (all subtitled in English) with a total length of 40 minutes. The event takes place in Hall C (Sal C) at Uppsala Concert & Congress.


Read more about the event and how to buy tickets on Uppsala Concert & Congress website.


Ealli guoddá joavkkus, Egil Pedersen, Norway 2013, fiction, 5 min
Crosscuts, Tijmen Hauer, Regina Kelaita, Netherlands 2011, experimental, 5 min
Split of a Second, John Boisen, Björn Fävremark, Sweden 2012, documentary, 9 min
Tape Generations, Johan Rijpma, Netherlands 2010, experimental/animation, 3 min
Magic Miles, Audrey Lam, Australia 2014, fiction, 16 min


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