The short film festival is coming to your house


December 21 is the shortest day of the year and International Short Film Day. To celebrate this occasion, the Uppsala International Short Film Festival offer a film screening at the homes of the members of the festival audience. We invite everyone that visited the festival this year to arrange a screening at their homes with films selected by Uppsala International Short Film Festival. The festival provides a short film programme with several films with a running length of about 2 h and 20 mins. All you need to to do is to invite as many friends as possible. At the moment, screenings are planned in 51 places, from Skyttorp to Istanbul, se list of places and films below.

Arranged with support from the Swedish Film Institute.



The Mass of Men, Gabriel Gauchet, UK 2012, fiction, 17 min.
La maison de poussière, Jean-Claude Rozec, France 2013, animation, 12 min.
Der Tag wird kommen, Laleh Barzegar, Germany 2014, fiction, 15 min.
Pandy, Matúš Vizar, Czech Republic/Slovak Republic 2013, animation, 12 min.
Le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux, Josza Anjembe, France 2016, fiction, 22 min.
Du velger selv, Kajsa Næss, Norway 2013, animation/documentary, 15 min.
Derniere porte au sud, Sasha Feiner, Belgium 2015, animation, 14 min.
Avant que de tout perdre, Xavier Legrand, France 2013, fiction, 30 min.


Berlin, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Iowa City, USA
Istanbul, Turkey
London, UK
Namur, Belgium
Stockholm (5 places)
Bergagatan, Uppsala
Eksätravägen, Uppsala
Folkungagatan, Uppsala
Frimansvägen, Uppsala
Geijersgatan, Uppsala
Gotlandsresan, Uppsala
Hamnesplanaden, Uppsala
Helsingforsgatan, Uppsala (2 places)
Humlegatan. Uppsala
Hässjevägen, Uppsala
Kantorsgatan, Uppsala
Klostergatan, Uppsala (3 places)
Luthagsesplanaden, Uppsala
Malma Backe, Uppsala (2 places)
Malma ringväg, Uppsala
Persiljegatan, Uppsala
Rackarbergsgatan, Uppsala
S:t Johannesgatan, Uppsala (2 places)
S:t Olofsgatan, Uppsala
Salagatan, Uppsala
Studentvägen, Uppsala
Svartbäcksgatan, Uppsala
Säves väg, Uppsala
Täljstensvägen, Uppsala
Ulleråkersvägen, Uppsala
Verkmästargatan, Uppsala
Västra Järnvägsgatan, Uppsala
Åsgränd, Uppsala


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