Jury: Andreas Fock, Maria Domellöf-Wik, Per Fikse, Stine Wangler, Daniel Vadocky
Uppsala Grand Prix 2013

Uppsala Film Jackdaw and the prize sum 25 000 SEK.

”Khaterate Enghelabe Bahman Asheghe Leila” by Farahnaz Sharifi, Iran
Goes to an experimental documentary that tells a dead man’s story, giving a face to one of the many individuals within the masses of revolution victims of Iran. It manages to present a well known part of history from an unexpected angle in a convincing way.

The Uppsala Award in Memory of Ingmar Bergman

The award, which consists of 50 000 SEK and a work of art by the artist Jin Jiang, is awarded by the Cultural Affairs Board in Uppsala.

”Pandy” by Matus Vizár, Slovak Republic
Goes to a dystopic evolutionary fantasy that depicts the direction of human progress
in a refreshing, new manner, with dark humor and absurdity. With great attention to details,  and portrayed in a rough neon style, it manages to astonish us with an innovative point of view on the topic of human interference with nature.

Honorary Mentions

”Avant Que De Tout Perdre”, by Xavier Legrand, France
To an amazingly well crafted and convincing drama unfolding a story of domestic violence in an intense and delicate way.
”Buffalo Death Mask” by Mike Hoolboom, Canada
To a film that succeeds in conveying a deeply personal story as an artistic vision in an authentic and organic way.

Audience Award

”Pandy” by Matus Vizár, Slovak Republic


Jury: Lisa Bergström, Melissa Lindgren, Jerry Eriksson

Best Swedish Short 2013

The Swedish jury awards the director of one of the films in the National Competition Uppsala Film Jackdaw and 50 000 SEK from the Short Film Commissioner of the Swedish Film Institute Andreas Fock.

”On Suffocation” by Jenifer Malmqvist

For cinematic art of absolute world class. This is intelligent. Through well chosen details a concentrated story is told, where both what we see and what we don’t see is of utmost importance. The director places the audience in a claustrofobic room and leaves us there exposed and incapable before the uncompromising narrative. A glance says more than a thousand words in a world where love is lethal.

The Special Prize of the Jury to the Film with Best Cinematography

1 km 16 mm film from Kameraten and development from Stopp.

”Äta lunch” by Sanna Lenken
Photography by Iga Mikler.

For the ability to find beauty in ugliness and for portraying warmth and life in a clinical environment. The cinematography guides us through the story with a tremendous feeling for detail and framing. Rarely has a meat ball been so disgusting!

Honorary Mentions

”Äta lunch” by Sanna Lenken

For brilliant direction and the ability to give flesh to archetypes without rendering them stereotypical. For a cleverly depicted power play through clearly cut personalities and mind battling.
”Adelshingst” by Sofia Priftis, Linus Hartin

For a multifaceted story with a political base, told with an exciting technique and originality, fully completed from idea to finished film. The jury would like to see more of infiltrated class wars and sperm terrorism!

Audience Award

”Så här är det nu” by Anders Jedenfors

The UR Award to the Best Short Film

The winning film is offered licensing by UR.

”Momentum” by Boris Seewald

Children’s Film Competition

Jury: students at Gluntens Montessoriskola

”Zauberhafte Lilly” by Andreas Morell, Germany

The winning short film is skillfully made, and with both credibility and fantasy it captures the audience’s interest. It brings up the importance of good family relationships and that with a little help you can achieve great things.

Uppsala Short Film Pitch

Jury: Annika Rogell, Gustav Danielsson, Andrea Östlund

25 000 SEK from the Short Film Commissioner of the Swedish Film Institute Andreas Fock.

Winner: Amanda Kernell