International Competition

The jury awards the following prizes:

Uppsala Grand Prix – 25 000 SEK

The Uppsala Award in Memory of Ingmar Bergman – 50 000 SEK from the Cultural Affairs Board in Uppsala.

Insa Wiese

Although she was born in the North of Germany, Insa Wiese now lives in the southern part of the country: and the love of short films is responsible for this. Studying arts at the University in Oldenburg exposed her to this small film format. There she made short films herself and organized the small short film festival zwergWERK with some friends. After short stop-overs in Berlin and Hamburg she is now directing the Regensburg Short Film Week since 2009.

Frédéric Pelle

Frédéric Pelle was born in 1965 in Biarritz, France. After completing business school, he decided to work in film, and first worked on different technical positions, then as an assistant director. He founded Bianca Films in 1997 in order to produce his own films. He directed documentaries first, then six short films adapted from Stephen Dixon stories. Later, he has directed tv programs and in 2010 he released his feature film debut Elsewhere. He now teaches direction at the university of Lille and is currently writing a new feature film project.

Jacob Lundström

Jacob Lundström is the editor in chief of Sweden’s leading film magazine, FLM. He is also a film critic at Aftonbladet and was awarded the Jurgen Schildt prize in 2010 and Kurt Linder’s scholarship in 2011.

Anita Svingen

Anita Svingen was born in Norway in 1976 and is the Managing Director of The Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad. She has studied Linguistics and English at The University in Oslo and has a BA in Film and Television Production from The University of Westminster in London. Svingen has worked in the television industry for over ten years, for production companies such as Rubicon, Nordisk Film and Dinamo Story, and as Head of Programmes at a music channel. She has been involved with The Norwegian Short Film Festival since 2006.

Joakim Blendulf

Joakim Blendulf is works as a film commissioner and manager at Filmbasen/Film Stockholm. He is a film director educated at the School of Film Directing at Gothenburg University and has worked at Filmbasen since it was founded in 2008. Filmbasen, run by Film Stockholm, is a platform for development of film talents in the Stockholm area and supports short, documentary and debut feature films. In recent years, it has supported many of the films screened at the festival including the winner of Best Swedish Short in 2010, Not Panic.

National Competition

The jury awards the following prizes:

Best Swedish Short Film 2012 – 50 000 SEK from Swedish Film Institute, Short Film Commissioner Andra Lasmanis.

Special Prize of the Jury to the Film With Best Cinematography – 1 km 16 mm film from Kodak and development by Stopp.

Cicci Renström Suurna

Cicci Renström Suurna was born in Stockholm in 1955. She has worked as a journalist since the 1970s, both for magazines and in tv and radio. For the last 22 years, she has been a film reporter and critic at Swedish TV4. She reports on Swedish and international film, from festivals all over the world and national cinemas. She studied Radio Production and TV at Dramatiska Institutet and has been a member of the jury for the Swedish Novella Film project organised by the Swedish Film Institute and Swedish national television. Her interest in film was awakened at a film club for children in the 1960s.

Johan Nyberg

Johan Nyberg has held many different occupations within the film industry. He’s worked with everything from production and distribution to running a cinema. For many years he worked with FilmCentrum and Folkets Bio, and during his last year at Folkets Bio he was responsible for short film. He now runs his own distribution company, Diagonalfilm, and will launch a new concept for distribution of Nordic film, specifically short film, in 2013.

Jing Haase

Jing Haase is the Nordisk Panorama Market manager at Filmkontakt Nord, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of Nordic short and documentary films. Filmkontakt Nord is also the mother organisation of Nordisk Panorama, showcasing the best shorts and documentaries from the five Nordic countries. Besides her work with NP Market, she works to promote the films registered at FkN internationally and provides advice on international distribution of short films. Jing holds a master’s degree in German and Film, has worked as a festival programmer and in film production, and has been with Filmkontakt Nord since 2007.


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