Prisvinnare 2019

På lördagskvällen delades priserna i festivalens tävlingssektioner ut, här är hela listan på pristagare. Imorgon söndag pågår festivalen från tidig förmiddag till sen kväll. Välkomna på festivalens sista dag!


International Competition


Jury: Lydia Beilby, Tara Judah, Adam Khalil



Uppsala Grand Prix

50 000 SEK and a monitor, both from BenQ


MỘT KHU ĐẤT TỐT (BLESSED LAND), Vietnam 2019. Fiction. 19 min. Dir: Phạm Ngọc Lân


Striking, both formally and aesthetically, and exhibiting a bold spirit of innovation, the jury were impressed by the shifting atmospheres and tonal registers the work constantly evokes. With imagery haunted by the dense layers of history and presence imbued in the landscape, and a subtle interrogation of points of tension between class, economics, progress and spirituality, this a rewarding, multi- faceted viewing experience. The jury are delighted to award the Uppsala Grand Prix to Pham Ngoc Lan’s BLESSED LAND”



The Uppsala Award in Memory of Ingmar Bergman

50 000 SEK from Kulturnämnden, Uppsala kommun (The Cultural Affairs Board)


FIEBRE AUSTRAL, Chile 2019. Fiction. 22 min. Dir: Thomas Woodroffe


”Holding our attention and its image far longer than convention allows, crafting, with each elongated beat, an uncomfortable and uneasy atmosphere, this film is guided by a deft hand. Orchestrating a deeply affecting and palpable tension through carefully considered composition, tone and pacing, the Uppsala Award in Memory of Ingmar Bergman goes to a film that pushes the boundaries of narrative film art to its most visceral and unexpected ends, Fiebre Austral (Austral Fever).”



Uppsala Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards


PAST PERFECT, Portugal 2019. Fiction. 23 min. Dir: Jorge Jácome


”Convoking philosophy, archeology, and magic this films lush imagery and soundtrack transport the viewer into different chornomorphic temporalities. Past, present, and future slip seamlessly into each other and blend freely on the screen. Dense and thought provoking montage lead to a reflection on melancholy across time, all the while maintaining a winking sense of humor to avoid self seriousness. It’s with great pleasure to nominate Jorge Jácome’s Past Perfect as the Uppsala Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards.”



Audience Award


NACHTS SIND ALLE KATZEN GRAU, Switzerland 2019. Documentary. 18 min. Dir: Lasse Linder



National Competition


Jury: Per Fikse, Marija Milovanovic, Akosua Adoma Owusu



Best Swedish Short Film

50 000 SEK from the commissioner for short film and new formats at the Swedish Film Institute Ami Ekström


PSYCHIC, Sweden 2019. Experimental. 17 min. Regi: Tova Mozard


”Goes to a film that invites us into the darkness of the night, where voices are revealing the magic of a spiritual world. The observing camera uncovers in a poetic way – guided by neon lights – the isolation and loneliness of a lost soul.”



Uppsala Early Bird

10 000 SEK and VOD distribution, both from Draken Film


EXCESS WILL SAVE US, Sweden 2019. Documentary. 14 min. Dir: Morgane Dziurla-Petit


”Goes to a film that in an outstanding and well-crafted way portrays a left out society and gives them a voice. The film offers a close look at the consequences of the worldwide virus of xenophobia, with humor as a remedy for survival.”



Honorable Mention


JAMILA, Sweden 2019. Fiction. 13 min. Dir: Sophie Vuković 


”The Honorable Mention goes to a film that shares insight into an all too common situation for innocent young people in our presumably safe and civilized world.”



Audience Award


MIN VÄRLD I DIN, Sweden 2019. Fiction. 30 min. Dir: Jenifer Malmqvist



Kortfilmfestivalen UNG (Children’s Film Competition)


Jury: Stella Livsdotter, Valter Heydecke Otterstedt, Ines Lundin, Rahim Wennersten, Estelle Forsberg, Johanna Hellman, Cynthia Nakinga, Victor Tiberg, Elizaveta Dubnovitskaya, Olof Ericsson Trelje, Saga Hessel (pupils from Gluntens montessoriskola)


Best Children’s Film


BARADAR, Italy 2019. Fiction. 15 min. Dir: Beppe Tufarulo


”We have chosen this film because of the magnificent acting, fitting environments and the great filming. Everything compiled into an unbelievable, but true story. When we saw the film we felt as we were the characters, desperate and powerless. It’s been really hard to pick a winner but in the end you’ll always have to make a choice and the film we’ve chosen is BARADAR.”



Uppsala Short Film Pitch


Jury: Helena Ingelsten, Cecilia Torquato de Oliveira, Johan Seth


25 000 SEK from the commissioner for short film and new formats at the Swedish Film Institute  Ami Ekström


Winners: Lars Henrik Andersson & Lisa Rydberg


”Det var en något knagglig början men det vände snabbt och dessa två gjorde en pitch som verkligen tog sig. Med vasst och precist urval av material att visa på den korta tiden som en pitch har, lyckades de båda väcka nyfikenhet och intresse i förhållande till filmens innehåll. En Lång Utdragen Olyckshändelse är väldigt unik och utgår från verkliga och svåra händelser, men behandlas med humor och självdistans. Materialet vi fick se är krasst och rakt och fångar barnets utsatthet och ensamhet när familjeförhållandena är svåra och hemmet havererar. Vi vill se mer och vill fortfarande veta vad det var med kondomerna.”