Welcome Out – Queer Shorts

Uppsala har fått en ny Pridefestival! Självklart är Uppsala Internationella Kortfilmfestival med och visar kortfilm. Visningen av programmet Queer Short Films äger rum på Fyrisbiografen fredagen den 16/9 kl 20:30. Fri entré.

Biljetter bokas på: Fyrisbiografens hemsida.

Hämta ditt festivalarmband på Sensus, Västra ågatan 16, under fredagen och lördagen. Mer information om hela programmet för Welcome Out finns här: Welcome Outs hemsida.




The Society (Almujtamaa), Iraq, 2015, Dir: Osama Rasheed, 14 min.
Muhamad and Ahmed, two gay guys, trying to live in a society that does not accept homosexuality. Honest reactions and statements on a religious, traditional and barbaric society.

Victory Day (Den pobedy), Russia, 2014, Dir: Alina Rudnitskaya, 30 min.
Through the stories of several same-sex couples, a new, homophobic chapter in the history of modern-day Russia is explored. In 2013 the Russian State Duma passed a law forbidding propaganda supporting non-traditional sexual relationship among minors. This law led to an intensification of homophobic feeling in society.

Mondial 2010, Lebanon, 2014, Dir: Roy Dib, 19 min.
Mondial 2010 is a film about love and place. A Lebanese gay couple decides to take a roadtrip from Beirut to Ramallah. The film is recorded with their camera as they chronicle the city. The protagonists and the viewers are invited through the couple’s conversations into the universe of a fading city. Winner of Uppsala Grand Prix 2014.

YOU ARE BORING!, Germany, 2015, Dir: Vika Kirchenbauer, 13 min.
YOU ARE BORING! discusses the troublesome nature of “looking” and “being looked at” in larger contexts including labour within the experience economy, performer/spectator relations, participatory culture, contemporary art display and queer representational politics.

Next Door Letters, Sweden, 2012, Dir: Sascha Fülscher, 15 min.
Lilja and Sandra decide to play Melitta a prank. They send her a love letter signed with an invented name – a boy’s. When Lilja receives a letter in return, she begins a secret correspondence. What started off as a practical joke turns into a crucial turning point in Lilja’s life. Next Door Letters is an animated short film based on a true story about playing with identity.


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